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Love can be the most beautiful flower, but that flower can produce the most deadly poison. F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed this in his book, The Great Gatsby. Gatsby loved Daisy, a woman he met when they were younger and they fell in love them but Daisy couldn’t be with him because he didn’t have money. She is now married, to Tom, who is having an affair on her with a woman, Myrtle, who is also married, but is having the affair because Tom has money. Nick didn’t care to be with Jordan, he just got with her for social reasons. The Great Gatsby was a story about destructive love, whether it’s love for money, just carelessness, or love for someone we shouldn’t love.
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This was destructive for an obvious reason; they were both married. However, their attraction to each other was also destructive. In his own way, Tom did love Myrtle. She worshipped him for his money, and gave him the lifestyle he wanted. Tom felt like a king because he had this other life going on with Myrtle, while Daisy was at home being faithful, He had the best of everything. Myrtle was destructive in her love for him because she just wanted to live a different life. Her husband, the mechanic, could not provide the lifestyle she was looking for; he was not the kind of person she wanted to take to parties. Myrtle also had a carefree lifestyle, feeling as though she was getting away with having her husband be so foolish and not know about her affair with Tom. “’The only crazy I was [,] was when I Married him. I knew right away I made a mistake. He borrowed somebody’s best suit to get married in and never even told me about it, and the man came after it one day when he was out.’” She looked around to see who was listening: ‘Oh, is that your suit?’ I said. ‘This is the first I ever heard about it.’ But I gave it to him and then I laid down and cried to beat the band all afternoon.”(Fitzgerald, 35). This shows that Myrtle is a material girl and that she has a deep love for money. In the end, Tom and Myrtle’s relationship was destructive, it resulted in her death.
The last destructive love is between Gatsby and Daisy. Theirs is maybe the truest love in the book, but perhaps also the most doomed. Gatsby loves Daisy, but he isn’t...

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