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“Love is blind, and lovers cannot see” says Shakespeare about love. The fact that love incapacitates people made him think like that. Indeed people in love do many things which actually they did not want to do, say many things which they didn’t have to say, didn’t see things that they had to see. These impossibilities make people weak. Life and other people always use especially those weaknesses for hurting or damaging someone, also this weakness makes them open to take advantage of them by other people. Shakespeare recognizes that and makes adaptation to his writings. He shows us the how characters find themselves in a conflict which love caused. He always gives us the impression of “Love ...view middle of the document...

Therefore it becomes an indisputable example of the fact that “love is weakness” in Shakespeare’s plays.

Even though Much Ado about Nothing is a comedy; Shakespeare gives place to love’s different sides. However, explanation and descriptions of it is not as much as in Romeo & Juliet which is his most famous play. Shakespeare reflects us the inner world of two young and naive lovers. How they suffer from what they’ve done under the thumb of love. Their hormonal love ended up with the deaths of 6 people. Therefore most people define its genre as “tragedy” instead of “love”. They’ve done many things which are not normal for ordinary people. There is an idiom “Brain is the strongest muscle in the body”. What makes humans different than other animals is surely their ability of making decisions and thinking. Romeo & Juliet are driven by their emotional and sexual needs instead of their brains. This makes them weak, their love makes them weak. For example, Romeo goes to the Capulet’s house just for seeing Rosaline. Who goes to their biggest enemy’s house? Not braves, only idiots… Juliet says “I will kiss thy lips. Haply some poison yet doth hang on them” just before she dies. Who thinks that life is so meaningless without someone? A person, who is not strong enough to live with his/her memory, who chooses the easiest way, who is weak, thinks like that. That is why, Romeo & Juliet is not ordinary love story, and actually it is not even a love story because Shakespeare shows us how lovers get weak because of love, not how they get happy and neck. He proves the idea that “love is weakness” with his extraordinary play.
“Romeo and Juliet was teenager”. Maybe this thought seems like it can...

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