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Love On The Internet. Essay

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Are you familiar with the song ?Love is All Around?? Sure it really does. We can find love everywhere: at any place, and in any time. It?s similar to a fruit that can be reach at all season. We all need to love and to be loved. Whether we are wealthy or deprive, tall or short, young or old? every single one of us needs affection. We need someone who will take care of us, guide us, contend with us, and remain with us for the rest of our lives. We have to have someone to share our treasures, hardships, and time. We need someone as an inspiration or as a reason of our existence. Like they all say, ?There is somebody for someone? which means that each and every one of us already have our ?someone?. It?s just a matter of place and time. Besides, all we have to do is wait.As the song goes ?It?s written on the wind, it?s everywhere I go?? love is really all over the place. Children take pleasure on their own games, friends laugh at each other?s jokes, couples enjoy the beauty of the sunset, Parents ensure their kid?s future, and even the elder who never get tired of loving one another. We may even discover love in unexpected places. Well, chatroom is an odd place to hit upon our desires even if it looks cushy. We enter the chatroom, does our everyday thing without knowing that somewhere, someone is willing to know us, willing to see us more than our typing, other than what we speak. There is somebody out there that we never imagine that we?ll get along with. One way or another, we never dream of getting involved with anybody in this cozy world. We never thought of getting excited, smiled, freaked, and giggled whenever we get the chance to chat with that someone we consider ?special?. This feeling may only last for a short time though, but the attachment that was made and the memory of a good friendship will last for a long time.However, why numerous people are taking the challenge of loving someone they met on a chat? Why do they have to risk everything when there is no assurance of how long this relationship will last? How come that they still prefer to be in here even though there are more opportunities to come in reality? Why do they have to fall for someone that they cannot see? Someone that they?ve only known by words? Someone they cannot trust?Some might say, ?Anyway, it?s just a chat and everything about it do not exist.? While others may tell ?Nobody?s serious with it. You are stupid if you fall for it.? Yet, there are those who believe that love still manages to survive in all places. Even in the darkest point of our lives or the deepest part of this world, love is still present. We do not search for love? it finds us. We never taught of loving? we just fall. Internet love is a little unusual, but anything about it is possible and anyone involve is normal. Although that person is miles away, there is still this exceptional part of them that makes you like them and makes you wanting to be with them. Then the both of you will never recognize that...

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