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Love Or Die Essay

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What is the true role of women in life? Is it to surpass men and soon become equal to them? Or is it to remain in the domestic role which society has placed upon them? Whichever it may be one thing that is agreed is that, the “woman’s question” can be agreed upon in many ways by popular literary authors of the 17th and 18th century. The “woman question” is a phrase, which is used within the 17th through 18th century, which spoke about the ever-changing role of women during the time era. Though all women did not agree upon such phrase, it still defined the change which. Such Change was introduced to society by the industrial revolution which brought a swarm of new jobs for women thus, ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand women were constantly instructed not only by the patriarchal male in the family but by church as well to keep themselves pure till marriage thus a woman’s chastity was considered highly important both spiritually and socially. Because of this unmarried young women were taught to preserve silence in society and most of all be obedient to their father and soon to be husband for women according to the bible were created as a gift to man thus were meant to listen and not be heard. These norms were sought to be followed strictly t the dot but this was not always true as can be seen in Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock which was written in 1712. Alexander Pope was born a Roman catholic in 1688, London; though he did not restrict his writing to struck religious beliefs. Thus because of this his literature tended to contain satire of the privileged class who spoke of religious ideals though secretly did not hold them entirely as can be seen in his poem. The Rape of the Lock is a mock epic poem, which was inspired by Pope’s own acquaintances, Lord Petre who was madly in awe of Anabella Fermor. This admiration soon led to Lord Petre committing an act, which caused both families to fall into a deep feud. Because of this scuffle between the families Pope was asked by another acquaintance to write something that would lighten the mood between the families and thus with the fusion of a few supernatural elements to help explain the severity of the situation and the importance of the act that was committed by the Lord. Though he changed the names of the characters it still help the same mood and value of what happened.
The Rape of the Lock is a mock epic poem, which is based on the act committed by Pope’s acquaintance though retold using some slightly different elements such as supernatural and pseudonyms. The poem itself is a dramatization of the role of women for it is the complete opposite of what at the time was seen to be appropriate. Thus because of the mock poem which it is, it makes fun of the ways which young women of the time are conducting themselves in. Because of the revolution of the time women have found a new sense of morality, which has brought forth a new independence from men that is seen as improper by society and the church. Such things include being loose with ones virginity, and chastity along with not behaving as God would intend young women to be, docile, quite and obedient not independent and outspoken. This can all be seen as soon as the poem begins in the first Canto which tells the reader of Belinda, a beautiful young maiden who is personified as the ideal women for some men to lust over though not for women to strive to be. When the poem begins it speaks of Belinda as a fair young “gentle belle” who has been assaulted by a “well-bred lord” thus because of it rejects any thought him aside from loathing thus Pope states, “in tasks so bold can little men engage, /And in soft blossoms dwell such mighty...

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