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Love Over Material Glory Essay

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Robert Browning lived and wrote during a time of radical changes. England was becoming a large city and the Origin of Species of Darwin had made a lot of people question the old bases of morality. The increasing wealth, product of the industrial revolution, boiled down to consumerism and materialism. Although many people became wealthy many more were in deep poverty. Robert Browning explored these issues in his poetry. "Love Among the ruins," for instance, criticizes the morality of a city of magnificence and superposes the endurance of love over it.The poem has a very witty structure. It is made of seven stanzas. Each stanza is made of six couplets and each couplet is made of long iambic lines that alternate with short three syllabus ones. The short lines not only rhyme rounding up the couplet but also point up or emphasize the idea started in the previous line. The rhythmic fluently provided by the very ingenious rhymes make this poem easy to remember and pleasant to read. This made the content of the poem easy to deliver in the readers' mind.Browning contrast past and present images all along the poem. The first lines, for instance, set a beautiful rural image of the horizon when the sun is setting, full of color with the last rays of day's light. "Where the quiet-colored end of evening smiles, / Miles and miles..." (1-2) then the set becomes pleasantly calm and peaceful. "On the solitary pastures where our sheep / half asleep / Tinkle homeward… (3-5). All this peacefulness contrasts with the noise of a crowded disappeared city "great and gay" (7) that once stood at the same place where now nature has taken over. "The contrast between past and present, which is the core of the poem, is reinforced by devoting one half of each stanza to the past and the other half to the present." (Abrams: 1365)In the second and third stanza, the poet emphasizes the description of the disappeared city as magnificent, and contrasts it with the simplicity of nature that prevails. In line (13), nature "does not even boast a three" where a powerful and strong city had a "domed and daring palace that shot its spires / up like fires" (19-20). Moreover, the first couplet of the third stanza powerfully reduces such city to a carpet of grass. "And such plenty and perfection, see, of grass / Never was!" (25-6)Also in the third stanza the poet criticizes the society of the city in a moral religious context. "Men breathed joy and woe…" (31). People who lived in sin could only find superficial satisfaction and pleasure in their pursuit for glory and wealth but that pleasure was equally experienced as woe."Lust of glory pricked their hearts, dread of shameStruck them tame;And that glory and that shame alike, the goldBought and sold." (33-6)These two last couplets of the third stanza evoke the deadly sins of lust and greed and how they corrupted the hearts of men in large cities and empires such as Rome and United Kingdome.Even though it is not specified, there...

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