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Love Poems

Have the love poems, you have read given you a better insight into the
emotion of love?

The subject of ‘Love Poetry’ has given rise to some of the most
beautiful and fascinating poetry. The poets illustrate their feelings,
or the feelings of the people concerned with them through the use of
figurative language. A love poem is not necessarily a poem about
romantic love, about romance, marriage and commitment; it could be
something else entirely. It seems to be Universal. Timeless. Yet, it's
also very individual, filtered by our own lives and expectations. Love
can be a different thing for each one of us. Not all love poems deal
with happy positive sides of love but there is also the negative sides
such as pain, sadness and loss. Through these poems ‘When We Two
Parted’, ‘Remember’, ‘First Love’, ‘How Do I Love Thee?’, ‘A Woman To
Her Lover’, and ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ we become familiar with the
different emotions associated with love.

Christina Rossetti’s ‘Remember’ is a poignant poem written in the 19th
century about loss of love. Rossetti lived in the 19th century where
people were often preoccupied with the idea of death and perhaps this
is what influenced Rossetti. Rossetti shows the cruel hand of fate can
interweave in love.’ Remember’, the title doesn’t reveal much about
the poem but as we read the first line ‘Remember me’, we know that the
poem is written in first person and when she says ‘I am gone away’
‘into the silent land’, we come to know that she is going to die. This
arouses our sympathy for her. Love has been disrupted by death.

‘of our future that you planned:’ this relation is strong and is
experienced. She wants her husband to remember her even when she is
not around, ‘Yet if you should forget me for a while’. It is human
nature itself that could make this happen. ‘do not grieve’ , she does
not want her lover to feel that her love is possessive, she does not
want him to feel guilty. She wants him to cherish good times that they
had, ‘forget and smile’.

The tone throughout is melancholy and emotional as the poet talks
about her approaching death. The sonnet form is suitably used because
the poet is telling her husband on how death will take over their
love. She accepts death in a philosophical manner. Although she is
physically dead she wants to be remembered.

Christina Rossetti shows us how death can bring a blissful
relationship to an end, but she also shows that love can exist even
after death if it has withstood the test of time. She repeats the
title ‘remember’ throughout the poem as a technique to emphasize that
she really wants to be remembered. Poet Rossetti wants to be
remembered by her love even if ‘darkness and corruption leave’. Yet
her love is unselfish.

Here a poem by Christina Rossetti’s, ‘A Birthday’, is a contrast to
‘Remember’. Throughout this poem Rossetti expresses happy contented
feelings, through her beautiful use of imagery. Nature...

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