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Love Relationships Of Children Of Divorce

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Millions of divorces are granted each year. Children whose parents divorced are more likely to divorce themselves, maintain poorer relations, and report being generally less happy with their lives (Brown 1999). Over 25% of all women will divorce within 10 years time, and a third of all first marriages disrupted within 10 years. Guldner and O'Connor (1991) said that “where possible, group therapy for dealing with problems of children of divorce is the treatment of choice”. Group therapy with kids focuses on helping them to feel like they're not alone, connect with and learn from others, receive peer validation and support, and normalize experiences (Gladding, 2005). Psychoeducational and counseling groups in schools and community agencies have been a way of giving treatment to children of divorce (Delucia-Waack & Gellman 2007).
Psychoeducational and counseling groups for children of divorce have focused on dealing with the reality of the situation, as well as the feelings produced by it. Goals have been identified for these groups (DeLucia-Waack, 2007). They are to: help children gain a clear picture of the divorce process through discussion, normalize common experiences and feelings, provide a safe place to talk about concerns, help label, understand, and express feelings about the divorce, develop new coping skills, assist children in reality testing, and plan for the future. Typical interventions include: discussion of words and situations related to divorce, drawing and talking about families and support persons, learning ways to externalize feelings, and role plays applying new skills to specific divorce-related situations (DeLucia-Waack, 2001; Gladding, 2005). While these groups are often used in schools, the research regarding their usefulness is uncertain.
Shechtman (2004) stated how important the structure and the use of a variety of therapeutic games and activities is to increase self-disclosure in children groups. Gladding says that the use of creative arts in counseling, specifically for kids, are positive for a number of reasons: to experience the connectedness between mind and body, to increase energy flow, to focus on goals, to increase creativity, to establish a new sense of self, to provide concrete interventions that are helpful, to provide insight, and to promote socialization and cooperation. Specifically, the use of music can help children to figure out and express feelings and to brainstorm and practice new coping skills (Gladding, 2005). Boxill (1985) also suggested that music can be an effective tool and improves group process: music is a universal means of communication; music is a stimulus that has the ability to arouse emotions, and music has the potential to help in the organization of the group. Music also links people and gives them common ground with which to relate. Harter and Buddin (1987) suggested that young kids have a tough time identifying and verbalizing emotions, as well as understanding the context of...

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