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Immaturity is considered to be lacking wisdom and emotional development. Immature actions lead to consequences that the person doesn’t foresee. Thus this lack of knowledge and development leads to problems. In the novel A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway illustrates how the protagonist Frederic Henry is able to gain maturity through the relationships he initiates. This novel follows Frederic through World War I as he acquires wisdom and develops emotionally. Initially Frederic acts only out of lust and desire. Every leave is filled with prostitutes and copious amount of drinking. This all seems like a game to Frederic, all his actions and decisions show juvenility. Even after meeting Catherine Barkley the relationship they have is merely a game to him. He doesn’t love her; he lies to her even though he knows he shouldn’t. As his love affair with Catherine progresses in the novel, this love seems to change Frederic’s behaviour and he starts to grow up. Finally Fredric gains insight, develops emotionally and changes as a man.
Near the beginning of the novel, Frederic shows his immaturity through his actions and decisions. As Fredric gets ready to leave for his holiday, all his friends including the priest give suggestions as to where he should visit. While the priest suggests he go see his town the others mention places of “good girls”. Rather than listening to the priest he follows the advice of his friends. Fredric isn’t interested in the rich culture of Italy instead he desires lust. Later on his undeveloped emotions are displayed as he lusts for Catherine. For instance when Catherine asks him if he loves her, he says yes but in his monologue he states: “I did not love Catherine Barkley nor had nay idea of loving her. This was a game, like bridge” (Hemingway 30). First of all, he lies to Catherine about loving her and tells her a lie. Frederic isn’t emotionally developed to understand the difference in lust and love. He wants the same things from Catherine as the girls in the whorehouse. Additionally, by comparing this relationship to a game of bridge shows he has no knowledge about relationships and doesn’t care of the consequences. At this point Fredric hasn’t gained any insight or developed emotionally but as he starts seeing Catherine and has additional conversations with the priest he realizes the significance of maturity.
In contrast to Frederic’s immaturity the priest is very sagacious. He is eager to have conversations with Frederic and gives tremendous amounts of advice. Through the priest Frederic gains more understanding. During the time Fredric is in the hospital, the priest comes to visit. At this time the priest assures him that he has the capacity to love instead of lust and wants him to recognize love: “What you tell me about in the nights. That is not love. That is only passion and lust. When you love you wish to do things” (Hemingway 72). The priest doesn’t believe Frederic is content with going to brothels...

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