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Love, Revenge, And Passion Essay

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Emily Bronte will forever be known for the infamous romance of Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights. Not many couples can boast such a tumultuous and violent relationship, or of such passion and devotion. Catherine and Heathcliff share a bond that reaches deeper than a physical attraction. From their childhood until their deaths, their lives revolve around the other. Their preoccupation with each other does not represent the loving nature of most relationships; in fact, it often exhibits animosity and resentment. Their equally passionate and emotional personalities often clash, and lead to an obsession with getting revenge for each other’s many acts of rejection and heartlessness. One begins to wonder while reading how their relationship could be that of true love; after all, they seem entirely unfeeling towards the other’s pain, especially when they are the cause of it. They never strive to be considerate of each other’s happiness, and when the other one is upset, they never attempt to fix things for them. Overall, their relationship is not that of romantic love so much as one of extreme passion, flashing from ardor to abhorrence.
Catherine and Heathcliff formed their bond during childhood, the time of life when their love for each other was expressed in the truest sense of the word. While the majority of the Earnshaw family despised Heathcliff, “Miss Cathy and he were…very thick” soon upon his introduction into the household at Wuthering Heights (Bronte 47). They shared a love of exploration and mischief, and were rebellious cohorts in a rigid and controlling home. They were constantly in trouble, yet because they had each other, they didn’t seem to suffer affliction. Their relationship was simple and genuine. In fact, Catherine was said to be “much too fond of Heathcliff …the greatest punishment we could invent for her was to keep her separate from him” (Bronte 53). Even when Heathcliff is made to work like a servant in his own home “he bore his degradation pretty well… because Cathy taught him what she learnt, and worked or played with him in the fields” (Bronte 58). They served as the confidante and comrade for the other when it seemed that neither of them had another ally in the world. Perhaps they shared so deep a bond because they had none other to turn to; “their founded on rejection…it is their only escape from the abuse and rejection they suffer in their home”( Levy).
Upon the introduction of another companion, Edgar Linton, their respect and adoration for each other began to decay. The previously loyal Catherine began to reveal the transient nature of her affections after spending time with the refined Linton family. After realizing that she was able to capture the attention of Edgar Linton, a good looking and well behaved young man, Heathcliff lost his appeal. This betrayal is the starting point in a chain reaction of persecution and revenge, each too stubborn to realize that “by thus avenging the pain of...

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