Love’s Hate In Sylvia Plath’s Mad Girl’s Love Song And Hate Poem By Julie Sheehan

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William Congreve, a play writer wrote, “Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned” (459 Congreve). The feeling of betrayal and enraged love as described in Congreve’s mighty words, is cohesive between both Sylvia Plath’s, “Mad Girl’s Love Song”, and, “Hate Poem” by Julie Sheehan. Similarities that coexist between the two poems are: theme, imagery, and repetition. Love can be beautiful and bright, it can also be dark and depressing, as exemplified in both Plath’s and Sheehan’s writing.
Love that is filled with hatred and other powerful mixed emotion coincides in the theme of both Sylvia Plath’s, “Mad Girl’s Love Song”, and, “Hate Poem” by Julie Sheehan. Plath’s title a “Mad Girl’s Love Song” hints that the work is about an angry adolescent girl who is heartbroken. The title’s message entails feelings enraged with vengeance, remorse, and, hatred after a heart retching break up. As the poem story unfolds, a woman’s immense pain surfaces. The subject of the poem expresses a specific event, “I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. / I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed/ And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane” (Plath). The first line of the quote builds towards the impending outcome that would forever change her personal outlook of life, “I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed”; the loss of virginity. Regardless woman or man, an individual’s virginity is a precious and valuable aspect of human life. From this passage, the reader can assume that Plath was tricked, as clued by the word “bewitched”, in giving her innocence to an undeserving man. Feeling broken and unfaithful she wishes, “I should have loved a thunderbird instead; / At least when the
spring comes they roar back again” (Plath). Plath is claiming to that she would have better off loving a material object, because at least that would not betray or abandon her much like her lover did. Comparatively the title “Hate Poem” is much like “Mad Girl’s Love Song”. They both allow the reader make some immediate judgments about what the poem is about. “Hate Poem’s” theme is the feeling of intense bitterness or disgust towards someone else. The poem begins by stating “I hate you truly. Truly I do. / Everything about me hates everything about you” (Sheehan). Sheenhan is declares a feeling of hatred, towards a specific person as indicated by the word “you”. She expands on how deeply her loathing is, “I dissect you cell by cell, so that I might hate each one individually and at leisure. / My lungs, duplicitous twins, expand with the utter validity of my hate, which can never/have enough of you”. EXPAND MORE!
*Add quote from book to state what imagery creates for a poem*Plath writes “God topples from the sky, hell’s fire fade: / Exit seraphim and enter Satan’s men: / I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead” (Plath). Using distinctive biblical allusions that creates an imager of faith leaving her, and an incubus filling her...

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