Love Should Not Be Measured Essay

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Love is an emotion that a person feels inside his heart. People can love their partner; in addition, they can also love their friends. However, if a person were asked to choose whom they loved best, the majority would say they loved their partners more. When comparing love in this way, it would be conceivable that love can be measured. The same can be comparable to our children. While loving other family members, if we had to make a choice, we would undoubtedly choose our children.

Loving someone means you are willing to make sacrifices for them. Many say they would sacrifice their own lives for their children, or for a partner. In the movies, when a plane crashes or a ship is about to sink, the protocol is to save the women and children first. However, if a person had to choose between saving himself over saving a stranger, and he chose to save the stranger, this person would become a hero, having sacrificed his life for someone he did not even know. He would be known as having compassion and a kind and loving heart. In this scenario, love cannot be measured, for this kind of love knows no boundaries. This can also be said for our service members who give their lives everyday for the love of our country, our true American Heroes. That is a love than cannot be measured.

When John says to Jane he feels as though she does not love him as much as he loves her, this may make Jane wonder how John is measuring her love for him. On the other hand, if Jane says to John that she does not think he loves her enough, he may wonder how she is comparing their love for each other. It would be hard...

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