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Love, The Strongest Force Of All

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Women have struggled for equality through the ages. Even till this day, there is still a gap between men and women in business, school, and leadership. Women have not always been the minority compared to man. Woman have not always been seen as the fragile creatures that should remain homemakers, rather than trying to do a ‘mans’ job. There are strong woman who challenge the status quo and emphasize their social agency, or independence to make choices. Ngugi Wa Thiong’O, an East African novelist, authored “Wedding at the Cross,” a story about a woman’s love for not-so-rich man, and resentment from her family values of loving a rich and Christian man. Another African novelist, Ama Ata Aidoo, ...view middle of the document...

The father of Mariamu asked numerous questions as if already expecting to be let down by Wariaku’s lack of money and Christian faith. This mockery caused the creation of Dodge W. Livingstone Jr., or an improved Wariaku with a new name and values. Wariaku could not possibly marry Mariamu and be respected with a terrible name like Wariaku. He changed his entire identity to please Mariamu’s father, and take the hand of Mariamu in marriage. He would go onto to be rich, be touched by the Christian faith, battle for the British army, and was formed into the perfect husband for Mariamu. However, Mariamu had different plans in mind. Her love did not reflect the standards of her parents. She did not seek a man who was rich or Christian, but rather a man who filled her adventurous pleasures. She is one of the few that did not allow colonial power to control her. She wanted the love of her life back. She was willing to wait for Wariaku to return to his old self, to return to his old social agency full of acting. Her love bounded her to Livingstone, but soon realized that her Wariaku would never return. This realization is most emphasized in the end of the story. As Mariamu and Dodge are about to marry, Mariamu remembers the past. She remembers the passionate love she had for Wariaku. She remembers the true love they had for each other, not the false love the parents had caused. Her social agency allowed her to reject Livingstone as she states, “No, I cannot… I cannot marry Livingstone… because… because… I have been married before. I am married to... to… Wariku… and he is dead.” As the story comes to a close, and Mariamu makes a lasting remark on Wariaku’s new identity, it caused me to think of new thoughts. I think Wariaku represents the average Africans who tried to change their character to be accepted into the new colonialized Africa. These Africans had a “fake it till you make it” mentality, and eventually they became the perfect model of a changed society. They became the model citizen through their own blind actions. Mariamu represents those people that were not willing to give up such a wonderful African culture. These people saw pleasure in the everyday life, and knew that the new colonial power would eliminate such pleasure. Although Mariamu did leave the marriage, she would never find a man for her love, because they have already been changed by society. Even if she does, she is better off moving elsewhere, where the strains of British colonization is non-existent, and where her parents have no say or chance to manipulate the man of her dreams.
In the story, “Two Sisters” the two sisters, Mercy and Connie, show different identities caused by the political transformation of Ghana. One sister, Mercy, is constantly looking for marriage, but she is always drawn to corrupt and politically powerful men. Connie, her sister, tries to place Mercy in the mindset that there are other men worthy of Mercy’s hand in marriage....

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