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That is too bad that you can’t see you hidden talents for yourself. I have heard many of the most excelled people of Rome, in line of the immortal Caesar, talking about you and complaining of the current government of today along with wished you weren’t so blind and could see the truth.

Modern India has left ancient customs behind, making their economy the third largest (in the world). Many people live in poverty yet the Government tackles some larger problems like funding for the space program. Modern India as a country can be filled with a lot of paradoxes from the economy all the way to its majority populations’ religion.
In this country it is said that it is a secular state not a ...view middle of the document...

When this money can be used for other things like funding for sewage and keeping fresh water. One farmer committed suicide for not having enough water for his farm vegetation . Reasons behind this suicide could be that he was ashamed or even under the pressure of not being able to feed his wife and children who were eagerly waiting for food. This is just a farmer, what about the other 2/3 of India? Well the others manage by being servants to the upper class and try to earn whatever they can. India is the third largest economy but the majority of the country live in rags. Most of those people are what the country runs functions with. You can have money but what use is it if it is only to show the lower classes that you need to be praised.
“You need to cover your head.” This was a man’s words when has was married and had a daughter. This is because India was a highly patronized country. It was run by the male citizens. Modern generations have to say life is different now. They want to go to the cities and study away from home, have cellphones, wear...

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