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Windows 8.1 vs OS X Mavericks Windows 8.1 lets users avoid most of the Windows 8 experience, so they can return to a Windows 7-like state of bliss, whereas Mavericks simply makes the Mac that much easier to use, especially if you work with iPads and iPhones, too. In short, the two updates keep the relative balance between Windows and OS X the same. Windows 8.1 does reduce PC users' frustration enough that they may be less likely to switch to a different OS like OS X, but it does so by retreating into Windows 7, making Windows feel more dated than ever. Apple defined the graphical user interface as we know it today, and despite nearly 30 years of changes, the core metaphors remain unchanged. That consistency makes it easy to use each new version of OS X, and Mavericks is no exception.Yet the OS has expanded to support touch gestures in a very natural way, via touch mice and touchpads. Also, Apple's slew of helper utilities -- such as the Quick Look preview facility, the Notification Center, the embedded sharing capabilities, and the Spotlight search tool -- do what Apple does best: offer sophisticated capabilities that users can discover as needed, rather than face a steep learning curve to get started. The Dock and the persistent menu bar also simplify app access, while the full-screen mode introduced in OS X Lion lets users stay focused when they want to be, yet have quick access to the rest of the OS as desired.Mavericks makes a few small enhancements to that UI:...

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How relevant (to her audience) are the statements that Pink makes about the values and attitudes in society? How does she communicate these statements?

1154 words - 5 pages status of men, magnifying consumerist values and attitudes in society. In the text 'U and Ur hand', values and attitudes relating to the objectification of women by men, are addressed. In both these texts, Pink uses a didactic approach to promote morals, values and high self worth to women. Both texts also convey the attitude that the name of love should not be used on a superficial level.In the song 'Most Girls' Pink makes the statement that

Marketing Plan Essay

6735 words - 27 pages University of Phoenix is a college that offers instruction geared toward theworking adult. The University thrives on the concept of offering different ways for a busy, working adult to receive a degree without sitting in lecture halls several times a week. Adults that attend U of P are mainly working or busy parents wanting to obtain a higher education in an environment tailored to their needs and schedules.Offering more instruction options will

Brit I Am In Your Tree

3376 words - 14 pages krislique : HEY COCK SUCKER krislique : DID U LIKE MYMESSAGE brit935 : YEAH WHAT ABOUT IT krislique : I WROTE IT FOR YOU brit935 : nice krislique : A LITTLE SLOW THERE...EH? I LOVE TO WAIT.... brit935 : i have other people to talk to too you know krislique : NOTHONG AS GOOD AS WHEN I TALK TO YOU krislique : NOTHING brit935 : so where do you live krislique : IN UR TREE

What Is Love?

818 words - 3 pages named Thomas Michael said "Every now and then, I wish it were then instead of now." Yet how do we know we are in love, is there a set time or feeling that one has to feel to know that they are in love? I remember reading something some where it goes "I cannot show you I love you. Time will show u I love you." I guess this is telling us that it takes time for true love to set in, I guess pushing the fact that loving is similar to growing. This

Images of Love Expressed in the Poetry of Browning and Tennyson

2549 words - 10 pages Browning’s is rooted in joy and beauty. In regards to an emotion that is thought to be enduring, powerful, and joyous, Browning appears to articulate the image far more effectively than Tennyson.   Works Cited Browning, Elizabeth. “Sonnets from Portuguese 43: How do I Love Thee?” Poems: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 4th ed. 3 vols. London: Chapman and Hall, 1856. Representative Poetry Online. Ed. Ian Lancashire. U of Toronto

An Excellent Potential Engineer at U of T

869 words - 4 pages areas around the world, there is a common theme; the love of U of T; the love of the greatest university in the world. Engineering combines math, science and design to create structures, machines and processes. The inspiration for pursuing an engineering degree came from my love of mathematics, science and design. Mathematics has always been easy, simple and understandable. My love of mathematics and science is always growing, the longer I pursue

Nintendo past and future

998 words - 4 pages , admired and respected amongst all gamers. The URL for Nintendo’s home website is On this site you will find all the information about the products and services that Nintendo offers. The current gamming machines that Nintendo offers are the largely popular Nintendo Wii and the Wii U. the handheld devices currently being supported by Nintendo are the Nintendo 3Ds, the 3Ds XL, and the 2Ds. The best feature of all of these products

Symbolism in The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe

2745 words - 11 pages when he gave his life to save all of creation, as in the passage Matthew: 32-56. The book was not originally set to be a book with the Christian symbols, originally suppose to be a straightforward fairytale but quickly turned into a testament of his love for God (Shulevitz). Throughout the book, symbolisms are stated as in the White Witch being the source of evil, and whether we are Christian or not we still see the symbolism and understand it

Arranged Marriages or Love Marriages

722 words - 3 pages Alexandra Zuffoletti. In the article she discusses a recent study examining Indian couples in arranged marriages, and U. S. couples in marriages of choice (love marriages), and it revealed that in terms of marital satisfaction, the two groups are very similar. Cornell, a Marriage and Counselor professor at the University of Florida, says, “Being in love is not a good reason to get married. It’s about the long haul” (Zuffoletti). In an arranged

Will we see the Downfall of Nintendo?

1901 words - 8 pages market with sales and franchises, so where does that leave the system that saved the video game crash? Over the last few years we’ve been realizing that Nintendo has been falling behind in various ways with marketing, sales and attractions, while Microsoft and Sony keep progressing. With Nintendo slipping off the market with poor sales with the new Wii U release: Nintendo hangs in the balance configuring the Wii U’s failed expectations. How can

Is texting aiding/restricting the English language as we know it?

1308 words - 6 pages in communication. As people continue to contract words whilst texting, it becomes difficult for the person receiving the text to understand what the sender was trying to say in the first place. For example, if someone received a text saying, ‘I musm! U r aimh! 8l3w <3’, it would be remarkably challenging for the recipient to work out what the message means. The acronym ‘aimh’ could stand for anything from the lines of ‘an infuriating, malodorous

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