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Love In The Beauty And The Beast And Shrek

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Love in The Beauty and the Beast and Shrek

Love is a common theme not only in the entertainment industry, but as well as in life. Love sells, and people in the movie industries understand this and gain from the profit. Movies often portray love between two people who are both beautiful, and not always the best person they can be on the inside. In Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast and Dreamworks’ Shrek not only do they have two people fall in love, but also they show how love is blind.

When Lord Farquaad condemned all of the fairy tale creatures to Shrek’s (an ogre) swamp, he makes his way to the castle, with his trusty side-kick Donkey, to demand their removal. While there, he won a fight against the best knights of the land, and won the chance to go on a quest for Lord Farquaad. The quest was to go save Princess Fiona from the highest tower, where a dragon was guarding her. After successfully rescuing the princess, it was time for Shrek to deliver her to Lord Farquaad. During the journey back, both Princess Fiona and Shrek fall for each other. After over hearing a conversation between the princess and Donkey, Shrek felt betrayed and unloved. During the wedding, Shrek found out that she too is an ogre, though only at night, and that she loved him for who he is. Shrek interrupts the wedding to give Princess Fiona, true loves first kiss, which turns her into an ogre forever. The two fall in love and get married. Not only did they fall in love, but Donkey and the Dragon fell in love as well.

Love was the major theme for Beauty and the Beast. The love for a father, a beast/ man, and for one’s self. Papa, an inventor that does not yet have a following, took a wrong turn and came upon a castle where he went in to rest for a little while. Little did he know that the beast and his servants who were all put under a spell inhabited the castle. When Bell, a real bookworm, learned of her father’s capture, she set out to rescue him, and made a deal with the beast to take his place and to never leave the castle. Maurice, Bell’s father, ran back to town to get more people to help rescue his daughter, but at first no one believed him. While Bell’s stay at the castle, she was given the freedom to roam all she wanted, but to stay out of one room, which held the rose that contained the spell, that until the Beast could get someone to truly love him, he would stay like this forever, he had until the last petal fell for this to happen. Back in town, at a local pub, Gaston, who not only was in love with Bell but himself as well, headed up a party to kill the beast and rescue Bell. As they came to slay the beast Bell realized that she loved the beast. And as the last petal fell from the rose, she showed him that she loved him and the spell was broken.

Love is in the eye of the beholder. In both Shrek and Beauty and the...

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