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I looked up at the sky...everything was the same as always. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. I went downstairs to eat breakfast. It was the same as always-toast with butter. I was sick of eating it, but could never be bothered to make anything else, so I just ate it. I didn't have a lecture today for uni, so I probably could have slept in, but not a chance of that today. I was going to go to the games arcade and try beating the score of 192,536 points for Sombre Siance. I had always had the high score until some mysterious person came and practically wiped me off the high-score board. I ran out the front door and headed towards the games arcade."Yeah, yeah! Keep going!" Every head turned to face me. What did I care? These people around me were strangers, and I didn't care what they thought about me. I shot Sombre Siance in the head, and received 18,000 points for that. Boy, was I happy. This was my lucky day. I rarely had the chance of shooting him in the head- he always ducked down too quickly.I went back home after beating the anonymous person in Sombre Siance and found my mother sitting at the table as usual, but this time she had a deep frown. She only frowned when she thought about Elizabeth or anything to do with why she could have mysteriously disappeared."Hi Mum, how are you?" I said in a caring tone.She replied back in a nasty voice, saying, "Why don't you just leave me alone? You took away Elizabeth. What else are you going to do?"I stormed out of the room and went upstairs. I slammed my door shut and turned the radio up and shouted, "How could she say that to me? Sure, I had a massive fight with Elizabeth the day she went missing, or more like ran away from this stupid place, but I was closer to Elizabeth than anyone else including you. Mum, she hated you! That was definitely part of the reason why she left! Everyday, she would wake up, eat breakfast, shower and leave for school before you ever woke up. She was a weak child and had been born with fragile lungs. She hated how you always controlled her life. Mum, at least you aren't me! You never had the same bonds that I had with Elizabeth. It's more painful for me than it is for you! Why do you always make my life worse than it already is?" I screamed many times and cried on my knees, praying to God that He would take me soon to meet Elizabeth. I had no idea that in a few years, my wish would come true.It has been four years since she went missing and no-one knows about her whereabouts. Mum and I put up posters as soon as we realised she went missing, and some of them are still up today. Everyday, before Mum goes to work, she kisses Elizabeth's photo and says a short prayer, hoping for her return. I know it's a sissy thing to do (to kiss your Mum, I mean) but Mum hasn't kissed or hugged me once since the day Elizabeth went missing. It makes me feel unloved, no matter what I do. I even quit smoking and all she said was, "So what?" when years ago, she would have been making me...

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