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Loving Leadership Essay

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Loving Leadership
A leader, a term used with highest amount of dignity comes in many forms. Leaders arrive in many forms, and it can be in any situation, not limited to just work place, but also household, school, classroom, even within friends. Like the saying goes, "with big ability, comes great responsibility," leadership position demands a set of responsibilities, being shrewd, rational, and loving. A leader can be classified into to two categories: leader with love, and care, the other with fear as the power tool. Most people want to be a leader, an urge to be a role model, but only few can be a successful principal. Alike any other profession, leadership requires rules.
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The needs and graphic symbols are variable with the time, and situation, forming a never ending list.
Leader and workers are like a symbiotic relationship, which needs time to forge a proper adherence. The attachment in this relationship is determined by the action, and posture of the leader himself. Both the parties rely on each other for the survival of the troupe, and themselves. If one or the other, in this delicate relationship, tend to step out of bounds it collapses the entire system. A bad leader affects workers not only at the work place, but also in their household. A bad leader's actions are like a ripple effect. A stressful time at work tends haul the total day, bearing upon the loving relationship at home. There are multiple ways a leader can establish the leader-follower relation stronger and healthier, but among all the others, I believe building trust is the central measure. In any relationship, trust bounds the bond and makes it stronger, and it is no different between leader, and follower. Our society tends to overvalue the leadership, and undervalue the followers, which creates tension even before the relationship begins. Since the leader stands on the pedestal from the very beginning, s/he has to be extra careful towards their managing strategies. Leader and follower are more similar than different, and a great leader needs to understand this key factor. For any company to do good at any given point, there should be a leader-follower collaboration. One of the first steps to build a good relationship starts from a leader being motivator, and a "doer" himself. If a leader only commands, but falls back on initiating the work himself, it sets a bad example for followers, hence hampering the work environment. My first manager at a convenience store, claimed to be the manager, but when it came to work, slacking was his only way. When a new employee sees such a role model, first the respect for him deteriorates, and second, the employee would not be keen to work productively.
Followers are always on a tight spot when it comes to decision making. They are intimated when it comes to decision making for a faulty one can crack up a project. When undesirable outcomes happen, everyone is quick to point the finger. If a team member is only willing to take credit for the good decisions, followers tend to lose trust on their leader. A good leader should have a...

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