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Do you believe in using physical punishment with your children? Did your parents use physical punishments on you when you had made one simple mistake? “Out of 720 adults forty-five percent found that a left mark on a child from a physical punishment was acceptable” (Time for an End to Parental Tough Love). That means 324 adults leave marks on their children on a daily basis. People over the years have been using belts and whips to punish their child so that they never make the same mistake again. Children having to come home to their parents with their hands held high for years until they were old enough to move out of the house. Other children were abandoned or just sent to war to be soldiers so that their parent would not want to take care of them. Some children were even left at the hospital for not looking the way the parent wanted them to look. “Tough Love” is a corrupt habit that affects how a child’s life may be in their future; from how the parents handle the situation at hand, to the physical punishment they receive, it all negative contributes to the life the child is going to live.
There are children every day that receive physical abuse even though they have done nothing wrong. Even if a child were to receive a “B” on a report card they would think of them as a decrease to the family name. Or if the child had been blamed for something that parent might not believe that they had not done it and would have had to take the blame for bad deed. Parents shame and shun their children for not being exactly the way their parent wants them to be. Includes not playing the same sport the parent throughout their years while growing up or getting the same rewards the parent did when they were in school. Or if the child does not go to the same college that the parent went to or did not major in the same career choice as the parent had.
Parents have these times of punishment (shunning) last for months at one time. “Many studies show of how children are affected negatively when they are harmed or not given enough attention” (Does Tough Love Work?). This means that for a punishment the parent would physically abuse their child or just shut them out of their life for a certain time period lasting from days to weeks to months. There have been many books published by the teens themselves about the pain and suffering that they went through during their childhood. These books are bought by the dozens every day and are read over and over again by thousands of people.
Most parents’ believe that their child should be themselves and not be the average teenager. Some parents tend to look up programs and check lists on the internet and compare their children to other people’s kids. It is not solely the child’s fault if they have behavior problems; it is also part of the parents for not teaching them differently. Timing is a big part of how a child will behave as they grow older; it is about what the parents taught them when they were growing up. This is...

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