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In a world that is constantly changing, it is no surprise that something as simple as bread is also rapidly shifting. Health-conscious bread consumers have finally made an impact on what products are available to the public. Bonné stated that in 2003 more than 32 million Americans were on a low carbohydrate diet (Msnbc.com). Crash and fad diets hit the public with big claims that only carbohydrates were to blame for the drastic increase in obesity, and other health risks. These big claims hurt the booming industry of bakeries. Many fad diets were not foreseen due to the fact that marketing tactics can change the total market within weeks. The bread industry was an increasingly growing industry until diets such as the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet became publicized. The bread industry had never experienced such a drastic change in demand in products, and many companies could not keep up. The companies that could keep up with demand by supplying healthier, more innovative options for the customers suffered in different ways. These companies grew rapidly after new, low carbohydrate; fiber-laden options became available. Many companies had to close down factories that supplied jobs to a majority of various state residents. Diets such as the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet hit the traditional bread industry hard, initiating changes that ultimately benefitted the business and the consumers by supplying us with better tasting breads.
Bread products have been a main staple in diets since the first advancements in cultivation. Grains such as wheat, corn, rye, barley, rice, and oats have sustained human existence as early as the prehistoric times (Tucker). Grains require a little amount of processing to preserve the crop, and when eaten, supplied an abundant amount of energy. Grains could also be fermented into alcohols to prolong shelf life. Because bread was extremely crucial to the existence of civilizations, numerous bread price regulation laws were set in place throughout the world to prevent widespread famine (Moorshead). Grains have saved our existence time and time again because it is so readily available and filling. Wheat has been the most prominent crop throughout the world due to its ability to adapt to harsh environments, and its ability to be grown on windswept areas that are too dry, barren, and cold for the more tropically inclined rice and corn crops (Gibson and Benson). In the Industrial Age the standard of living increased causing the use of grains other than wheat to decline, and the consumption of refined wheat rose. Mrs. Beeton said in her famous cookbook: That it is common knowledge that wheat produced the best bread. She also said that “Rye bread is viscous, hard, less easily soluble by the gastric juice, and not so rich in nutritive power. Flour produced from barley, Indian corn, or rice, is not so readily made into bread” (Moorshead). This mentality towards other grains was widespread and advancements of the...

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