Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Essay

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DISCLAIMERThese papers are to be used for research/reference purposes only. These papers are provided to help students write their own paper. All papers should be used with proper references.[Student's Full Name][Instructor's Name][Course Title and Number][Date]Low Energy Nuclear ReactionsIntroductionElectricity from the earliest of time has been a topic that has fascinated everybody throughout the world. One of the cheapest and greatest advancement in terms of production of electricity is through the advent of nuclear technology. It has turned out to be efficient and clean way to produce energy throughout the world. Being on the effective side, nevertheless it also comprise of hazards and disasters. Thus there are increasing concerns to health and security among the nations of the world (Cacuci, 900-901).DiscussionThe continuity of life on earth depends on the energy. For centuries, human beings have always desirable for diverse sources of energy. After the industrial revolution, the fossil fuels became more popular. The limited amount of fossil fuels triggered the search for alternative energy sources. In the 20th century, nuclear energy was promoted as the only energy source that was capable of helping the continuation of industrial civilization. Although some people think nuclear energy is harmful as it carries radiation risk, it is an ideal energy source if managed carefully. The use of nuclear energy should be increased because of its outstanding economical, ecological and military advantages (Cacuci, 900-901).The first remarkable advantage of nuclear energy is the fact that it is economical. To start with, nuclear energy decreases the dependence on oil. Primarily, nuclear energy is an alternative source for carbon-based fuels. There is no other kind of energy that can take the place of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), which harm the atmosphere and takes a role in the rise of greenhouse effect. Nuclear energy will be our essential energy source after the running out of carbon-based fuels. Furthermore, nuclear energy has large amounts of energy production capability. In a nuclear reactor, fissionable materials and energy in considerable quantities can be generated. Obviously, the energy production capacity of the nuclear reactors will attract the attention of the governments. For all these reasons, nuclear energy can satisfy our demands about energy production better than oil fuels.Besides decreasing the dependence on oil, nuclear energy also has low production costs. Most importantly, there are large nuclear fuel reserves. The uranium and thorium reserves on Earth are enough to meet our energy requirements for centuries. Thus, it is clear that nuclear reserves on earth will be our preferential energy source in the future. Also, nuclear plants have low operating expenditures. Compared to fossil fuel technologies, nuclear power is more advantageous in terms of operation expenditures. Therefore,...

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