Low Self Esteem Caused Global Warming? Essay

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The way Rebecca Sato explains the connection between self-esteem and materialism and information she uses, I find very compelling. Her point of bringing up the environment put me off a little bit. Even though I agree with Sato that materialism affects the environment, it seems like she is equating happiness to a clean environment.
Sato begins the blog describing some researcher’s findings connecting low self-esteem with materialism. The researchers found that people with low self-esteem use “material possessions as a coping strategy.” (417 Sato) The author goes on to express how that even though people are spending more money, making more money, and buying more stuff; people’s levels of ...view middle of the document...

I think people do want to fit in and I agree with Sato that people buy more to do just that. Sadly I also agree that buying more will not gain anyone more happiness.
After reading the title and up until the end of the third paragraph, I didn’t think the blog was about the environment. I agree with Sato’s points that the more stuff we buy, the more waste we have, so in the end the more we hurt the environment. Only I think she should have used a different title. It just feels like the blog shifts from low self-esteem to the environment and that they are somehow connected.
It seems that Sato wanted to first point out that low self-esteem leads to more materialism and then materialism leads to a ruined environment. If the blog was written for a group of especially environmentally conscience group of people then the blog might work for them. I am eco-friendly, only to me it comes across that Sato is saying low self-esteem is hurting our environment. In one paragraph she writes a sentence expressing how people purchase...

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