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Low Socio Economic Status Students (Ses) Essay

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Low-SES children frequently live in highly stressful and disadvantaged school environments characterized by multiple risk factors for the development of psychosocial adjustment problems, including high rates of poverty, exposure to violence, and drug use (Jones & Forehand, 2003). There are alot of different programs that can be used for these students, for example mentoring programs in which school personnel provide social support for low-SES students, it has been shown that mentoring can increase positive attitudes toward school and a ce positive behavior changes of students (Richman, Rosenfield, & Bowen, 1998). Counselors should use different interventions and programs to help these students become more involved in school.
There have been alot of different studies about school counselors working with low-SES students. It seems that low performance should be determined as early as middle school for low-SES students. With this early determination school personnel can ...view middle of the document...

There is a need for school counselors and other professionals to be proactive in working with low SES students.
Care needs to be used when identifying low SES students in the school setting. Students may be sensitive about their SES and efforts should be taken to maintain confidentiality when identifying these students. Using the free or reduced lunch records is a good way to identify this group while maintaining their confidentiality. School counselors while maintaining confidentiality, also need to should make efforts to help low SES students in their career development (Blustein et al., 2002).
School counselors have unique skills in the effort of educating children from poverty. According to Arnatea & West-Olatunji, by serving as a cultural adviser among students, the school counselor can help the students, families and school staff by collaborating with teachers to create more culturally responsive instruction (Amatea &West-Olatunji, 2007). As a school counselor you have received training in multicultural counseling and have a knowledge base of the socio-political framework that influences low income students. Most school counselors are knowledgeable about family life and parenting, this will help in order to problem solve and collaborate effectively with low-income parents in order to help their children succeed in school (Amatea &West-Olatunji, 2007).
Here are some the ways that a school counselor or educators help these students. They can work with the community resources that are available, to get films, handouts and teaching aids. (Street, 1994). Carlson (1999) stated that school counselors can facilitate healthy habits by promoting practical exercise experiences by using them in their counseling programs (Carlson,1999). Counselors play a significant part in a child's life and they should create exercise experiences through cooperative games and sports. School counselors need to get additional training on nutrition in order to properly guide students. School counselors should be trained on basic nutrition, healthy eating habits, and exercise, as well ways to teach guidance lessons on nutrition in school. School counselors need to contribute to the promotion of health and nutrition in order to prevent their students from unhealthy behaviors and increase academic achievement (Klingman, 1984).

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