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Sensory problems are common experiences with the older generations of the United States population today (Crews & Campbell, 2004, p. 823, Vol. 94 No. 5). Surprisingly, 18% of people report blindness in one or both eyes or other eye impairments (Crews & Campbell, 2004, p. 823, Vol. 94 No. 5). Two-thirds of these low vision patients are 65 years of age (National Institutes of Health, 2000). There are many reasons why a person may suffer from vision loss. Low vision is one of the ten most prevalent causes of disability (M. Markowitz, R. E. Markowitz, S. N. Markowitz, 2009). When vision is diminished this can be associated with decreases in activities of daily living or leisure activities ...view middle of the document...

823, Vol. 94 No. 5). Focusing on the skill set is important; however, how low vision impacts participation in a social context is also important (Visual Impairment Research, 2003, p. 116 Vol. 5 No. 3).
Low vision can impact many different activities such as hand writing, working on your computer, driving to see friends and family, or even reading the daily news.
According to the Article Aspects of vision loss- visual functions and functional vision when you label patients as “blind” you inhibit psychological affects. Depression is the most common clinical syndrome that comes along with vision loss (Burmedi, Becker, Heyl, Wahl, Himmelsbach, 2002). In the study from Visual Impairment (2003) it was reported that over 50 % of participants suffered from depression due to their low vision. If the patient is depressed this can also lead to frustration, social isolation, and anxiety. Because low vision can lead to depression in some cases it is important for the patients to participate in meaningful and valuable activities throughout their daily life.
Low vision can affect an individual’s quality of life. Through rehabilitation the patient can keep most of their abilities and improve their quality of life. Adequate assessment of functional vision is essential in measuring vision in order to develop the best rehabilitation for the patient (Visual Impairment Research, 2003, p. 116 Vol. 5 No. 3). Low vision rehabilitation has the potential and ability to provide an individual with the skills that are necessary to compensate for visual impairment (Stelmack, Tang, & Reda, 2008). Rehabilitation is goaled toward reducing the impact of functional deficits and social participation on the skills and abilities of each patient individually (Visual Impairment Research, 2003, p. 116 Vol. 5 No. 3). Upon diagnosis of low vision an occupational therapist can perform home or work...

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