Lower And Upper Class In The United States

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Do opposites attract? With magnets, they do. And with math, two opposites make a positive. However, does this apply to human beings? Do opposites attract--do birds of a feather flock together? Many people have used these two phrases throughout many years, but what do they really mean? Are these two phrases talking about appearance or personality? In truth, looking at both of these phrases, they state the opposite of one another: They are contradicting each other! How can both sayings be true if one exists and the other does as well? “Opposites attract” states that people with opposite appearance, personalities, beliefs, attitudes, and every other attribute in a human being are the perfect match for each other. “Birds of a feather flock together” states that people who are similar in every way are perfect matches. Now, not every factor of a human being has to be opposite or similar, but these phrases are saying that most factors are either similar or opposing each other. So the critical question is do opposites attract? Do people pursue those who seem like their opposite or those who are similar, and how do we determine that? The only possible answer is to do some studies and determine whether or not opposites really do attract. And the studies that will be shown will conclude that opposites attract is a false statement.
We will be focusing more on what one can see in a person rather than what they cannot to show that opposite attraction is false. For instance, appearance is a major factor that can been seen by anyone without even talking to them. However, there are also other factors that one can see in another
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person, such as their personality, just with a greeting or in making conversation. The phrase “opposites attract” is a statement that misleads everyone. In the everyday world, we see couples together of all ages and when you see them, do you think that being opposites keeps the relationship going? And if the couple are opposites, do you think the relationship will last? Opposite attraction in relationships is a myth that people use. In a sense, it was used more as an excuse for people to pursue those who they may think are a lot more interesting than those who are more like themselves. Because people have been with themselves all their lives, but never with someone who is unlike them, curiosity is the main reason that the phrase “opposites attract” is real. However, curiosity does not mean that pursuing someone who is opposite of yourself is the right thing to do. If you want a stable and lasting relationship, finding someone who is opposite of yourself is not the way to go and not the right decision to make. It is not a true statement and it's confirmed in the studies shown.
What makes one person attracted to another and what makes them want to pursue a particular person? There are obvious factors one takes into consideration when they see someone. A few factors that a female could take into consideration is how the style of hair...

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