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Lesser Than A Hero But More Than A Man

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Harry was a man of many flaws, He was not perfect, but he tried. Harry was an alcoholic and a heavy smoker which heavily affected his work and judgment. Harry was not addicted to alcohol, but alcohol meant so much more to him, in Harry’s case it was not a refuge, but the ultimate way to punish himself. Harry was hurting, causing pain to himself for the pain he brought upon his ex-partner Ellen by getting her killed. His guilt was so strong harry can only remember what he did wrong, he has forgotten the joy he had with her.

Harry knew the dangers of alcohol, he was not ignorant he knew he had a problem and that this problem would affect everything around him, including work. “ Harry had alcohol problems. Nowadays, alcoholism is not in itself grounds for dismissing a civil servant, but to be drunk during working hours is. The last time Harry had had a relapse, there were people higher up in the building who had advocated having him removed from the force.” [Jo, Nemesis, pg. 37] Harry’s ex-partner, Ellen, still after death, aids Harry with his alcohol problems, but also makes it worse. “Bjarne Miller, head of Crime Squad, had spread a protective wing over Harry pleading extenuating circumstances. The circumstances had been the woman in the picture above the espresso machine Ellen Gjelten, Harry's partner and close friend who had been beaten to death with a baseball bat on a path down by the river Akerselva. Harry had struggled to his feet again, but the wound still stung.” [Jo, pg.37] Harry could never love someone because of his alcohol problems; his problem was so great it repelled women. “Harry's romances had terminated because of what he called the Six Week Itch. Whether his reluctance to get involved was due to his being rewarded with tragedies on the two occasions he had loved a woman, he didn't know. Or should his two unswerving loves? Murder investigations and alcohol? Bear the blame? [Jo, pg. 123]” Harry has his alcohol...

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