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Lower The Cost Of Health Foods Because Obesity Rates Are Rising

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Lower the Cost of Health Foods
In America today, the economy is rapidly turning for the worst. People are losing jobs which means the unemployment rates are increasing. With Americans struggling to stay on their feet financially, they must lower their standards and do what they can to maintain a roof over their family’s head and food on the table, regardless the circumstances. Times are tough for many families, and with the costs of healthy and nutritious meals being relatively expensive, it makes it that much easier to find something cheaper and quicker to consume. It was stated in one article that a healthy diet is “also a real barrier for some low-income families, for whom ...view middle of the document...

We see that from indulging on unhealthy foods, one could easily become overweight or even obese.


In today’s society, college students face many trials in and out of the classroom. Among these problems is the constant struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a recent study it was stated that “59 percent of students at a midsize university in Oregon were food insecure at some point during the previous year.” Food insecurity is when someone unable to sustain a healthy diet choice since it is not easily accessed (8:/pgtf2od). For college students, being unhealthy is one of the few lifestyles to choose from, and it is quite uncommon for students to actually follow through with it. As it is well known, college students struggle day to day with finances and the correct places to apply the money to. While trying to uphold a nutritious way of life, the cost may be one of the strongest contributing factor to why people today struggle to keep a healthy and happy life. In TABLE 1, the effect of high expenses on a healthy diet shows a significant difference between those who it does and does not determine their diet choices.


As far as being happy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes, the government does not seem to put all of their attention towards the complications that deal with high health food prices. The government deals with many issues, so lowering the cost of health foods is probably on the bottom of their list considering they receive more funds if the prices are to stay high. Since they are taking in much more finances with costs high and while spending less money on to sell low cost foods like fast foods, then they are not concerned with this issue. I would like to try to convince the government to help by paying the difference in cost so the food could become affordable, and they would not have to fund for commercials telling kids to exercise and be active.

Food deserts are places where healthy food is unavailable to most families because it is a low-socioeconomic area where almost all people struggle affording a healthy, comfortable lives (8:/q7edbun). In “food deserts”, it is often rare for farmer’s markets or large grocery stores to be located. Since these locations are not easily accessible, people who reside in food deserts must budget themselves and buy foods that will leave them full and feeling more satisfied for longer instead of being concerned about the health problems that could arise. One could find that in lower wage communities there is less high quality produce, which can lead to them being turned off to the idea of purchasing the fresh, healthful produce versus something that could replace it (12:/aysk4qk). Shown in FIGURE 2 is a map of all the food deserts of the United States in today’s society. The figure demonstrates how important the...

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