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Lower The Drinking Age To 18

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College life is filled with changes. It is filled with many new experiences. As college students, we are on our own, adults. As adults we are responsible for keeping up to date on information that affects us. One issue that affects college student’s nation wide is drinking. If you look around at college parties it seems as if everyone is drinking. Actually you are probably right, but over half of those people drinking are also under the legal drinking age. Drinking is one of the main forms of entertainment for the typical college student. The current legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one years of age. However, if an eighteen year old is old enough and mature enough to vote and serve the country in war, he or she should be able to drink. With the proper upbringing and schooling on the subject, a debate has started to see whether or not lower the drinking age to 18 would be a reasonable solution to keep students from over drinking.Underage drinking is inevitable. And there is a fact almost every American was used to be underage drinking. There is no way to avoiding drinking. When teenagers get 18 years and have banquet with family, I don't think they will mind if their children drink a little bit of their wine or champagne. That's underage drinking. However, it is easy for people to ignore this problem. Because in their mind, underage drinking’s definition is binge drinking and got drunk. Having a taste of wine, it is called classic. Maybe some time the first step of drinking is start from family. Besides, teenage treat drinking as a “forbidden fruit” when we catalog alcohol as an adult beverage. Maybe they feel like they are old enough, they want to try some adult entertainment like drinking.As an adult, we are on the way learning self control and self responsibility. If the minimum drinking age was reduced to 18, or at least made to be more convenient and logical, I believe a cut down on underage drinking would occur. At the age of 16, anyone can get their driver's...

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