Lowerin Dental Care Essay

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Although many people state that their teeth are in good shape, most dentists wouldn’t agree. Healthcare insurances have incorporated most of today's dental work in their health plans. The amount of money covered by the insurance isn’t always sufficient to cover the need of most dental work. Dental care has become so expensive lately that society usually avoids going to the dentist. The benefits of having better dental care are so broad that it can even reduce the cost of healthcare. As stated in the article Cost-effectiveness of Dental hygiene Care, “ Dental hygienists in control of their profession can decrease the cost of health care with early intervention, which has the potential to prevent high spending on correcting or managing illness.”1 Many diseases can potentially be prevented with good dental check-ups but the uninsured are constantly going to the doctor and paying far way more than what a dental check-up would cost them. Reducing the cost of dental care would prevent many people from developing malignant diseases and contribute to them to have better health.
One of the most infuriating aspects about the cost of dental care is how much uninsured people pay to get a regular check up. A regular dental check-up can be from sixty to three hundred dollars, depending how the patients mouth looks like. Unfortunately those who are uninsured pay the full amount compared to those that are covered,which only pay about ten percent of what is being charged. People argue about the cost of dental care when they are insured and the ones who aren’t covered have a harder time debating to even go to the dentist for that reason. Perhaps mentioning a regular check-up sounds cost-effective but greater evaluations such as special treatments have to be done sometimes in order to calm the patients pain. Crowns,sealants,root canals, dentures and oral surgery are very expensive when needed in a treatment..A root canal may be up to 200 dollars or more plus extra charges of a tooth implant or crown being used in the treatment. “Oral health appeared to differ by the type of insurance people had, with Medicaid recipients running a five times greater risk for poorer dental health than those with private coverage. Adults on Medicaid were two times more likely than other adults to have not visited a dentist in more than a half-decade (21 percent versus 12 percent).”3 Healthcare insurances do cover one root canal and a cleaning a year sometimes but...