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Lowering The Drinking Age From 21 Would Be Irresponsible

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Lowering the drinking age from 21 would be irresponsible. People argue that lowering the drinking age is not smart because most youths still have not yet reached a mature age to handle alcohol. Teens that include themselves in an unsafe environment are likely to endure in self-harm and encounter in binge drinking. The Alcohol Policy Information System says, “Annually, about 5,000 youth under the age of 21 die in incidents due to underage drinking” (“Drinking”). I believe the drinking age should not be lowered because of the major hazards that could occur, an increase in traffic accidents, and the age maturity to handle alcohol responsibly.
Many risks and hazards can be caused from the use of alcohol. Binge drinking is extremely common within young adults. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) stated that 30 percent of seniors confessed to binge drinking within the past month (“Underage”). Alcohol can cause liver disease, increasing the risks of getting cancer. Sometimes even with small amounts of alcohol taken in can affect the developing brain or could eventually lead to permanent brain damage. According to NIAAA, the use of alcohol at a young age increases the risk of suicide, sexual assault, and sex (“Underage”). The dangerous environment teens put themselves around can easily put a major toll on the young adult and family.
The number of car accidents from drunk driving is already outrageous, and with underage drinking the numbers keep increasing. Being in a different mindset when alcohol is in the system can affect choices, and when teens get in a car one of the last things on their mind is to restrain themselves with a seatbelt. Studies show that 63 % of teenagers who are involved in fatal injury crashes did not have seatbelts on (“Underage”). After many debates during the past several decades, states have lowered the drinking age from 18-20. There has been shown a growth in car accidents since the age lowering. In 1984, the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act was enacted and stated that is states didn’t raise the age to 21, they would no longer get highway funds (Toomey Tracy et. al). Drinking is dangerous as it is,...

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