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Lowering The Minimum Driving Age Essay

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The debate of maturity has lasted for decades and is brought up more today with advancements in technology. Should a ten year old have an Iphone? Should middle schoolers be working in factories? Should fifteen year olds be driving? The latter of the three, being a huge topic for debate now more than ever.
Cars and cellphones were huge technological innovations of their respective time, and both continue to progress to further heights. There is no law or penalty against buying your preteen child the newest phone for them to annoy all their friends’ parents, who haven’t bought their child a cell phone, except maybe the look of disgust from other parents. Driving took a different turn, many ...view middle of the document...

The top three insurance companies in America all offer a “Good Student Discount to student drivers who maintain excellent academic marks”(Ehsani 331). Not only would this motivate students from the start of their academic career, but also raise the school districts average GPA for students.
Once the fourteen year old has passed all the tests, then they can receive their permit. Many states allow teenagers to get a permit six months before they turn sixteen to learn the basics of driving before being released to roads all alone. Is six months really enough time for someone to learn a complex concept such as driving and then put it to practice? By raising the driving age to eighteen, as put forth in multiple states, the student driver is only being set-up for failure. At eighteen, these young adults are now moving to college, or out on their own. With no parent figure around on a daily basis, there is no one to teach these young adults the correct driving techniques. With laws pushing for younger age drivers, the high school freshman now has an entire year safely learn the concepts of driving and put them to use, all under the tutelage of their parents. After a year of safe driving, this educated driver can now get his license at the age of fifteen. With some kids not turning eighteen until their senior year, this saves parents two years of driving their child to and from school. For students that don’t have the grades or can’t pass the test, then an ultimatum age of seventeen should be put into place, where by then it is assumed you are about to be an adult and have some form of maturity.
The simple solution to underage students getting to school would be to ride the bus. While this works for some of the high school population, nearly fifty-six percent of high school students participate in an athletic activity after school. This still leaves more than half of parents trying to find rides home for their kid from the stay at home mom or the senior on the team that lives in the neighborhood around the corner. Trusting a complete stranger with your child can be a huge problem for some parents in a day and age where kidnapping is a big worry on the minds of parents. An average of “2,191 children under the age of eighteen are abducted daily in the United States”(Key Facts), this is an alarming number to parents who remember walking to and from school every day without a worry of kidnapping. In 1969 of the students who lived within a mile of their school, eighty-nine percent walked or rode their bike to school, compared to only thirty-five percent today.
A second reason for children not riding the bus would be that there is no bus. Today nearly twenty percent of the United...

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