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Alcohol consumptions has been around for ages. But now were at the time where alcohol beverages are legalized. No one under the age of 21 can consume alcohol beverage legally. But that does not stop individuals under the age of 21 from drinking illegally. In the United States eighteen year olds become adult they are allowed to vote, get married, and join the military. If an eighteen year old is responsible enough to get married, vote, and take a bullet for their country they have enough sense to drink responsible.
Overtime underage drinking has been swept under the rug, society doesn’t want to believe it’s happening. But it is and what makes underage drinking so bad is because illegal if it wasn’t the youth could curve their alcohol consumption.
What are the resulting realities on college campuses? Dartmouth College, with 4,400 undergraduates, admits on average about 200 alcohol emergencies a year to their campus health center. Middlebury, with 2,300 students, averages about 100. McGill University - located in Montreal where the drinking age is 18 - with 20,000 undergrads reported only 12 emergencies in the 2002-03 academic year. (Guenther 8)
The drinking age in Montreal is 18, so the students do not have to hide their drinking at McGrill University. In addition the students do not have the mentally to drink as much as they can before they get caught. Without the stress of getting caught the students do not feel pressured to consume so much alcohol at once. So that’s why McGrill University with 20,000 undergraduates has less alcohol emergencies than Dartmouth College with 4,400 undergraduates.
Most students enter college at the age of 18 or 19. But it all depends if the individual goes away to college because when the students are away their on their own. They’re no parents to say no or tell the students their out of control. Its whole different world and the freshmen’s are open to new temptations like drinking. Of course the students know drinking is illegal, so the students hide their drinking in their rooms. “College presidents and chancellors argue that if younger students could legally drink in bars and restaurants, they might learn more moderate drinking habits, which would lead to less binge drinking at parties on college campuses.”(Amous) If underage drinking was legalizes eighteen year olds could go to bar to drink and if they were drinking too much they would get knocked out like a regular person. This option is better because the alcohol composition is in public, so they’re help available to everyone.
If the drinking age was lower to eighteen years to twenty years olds could be educated about safe drinking. Rather than jumping in to something that they know nothing about.
Study (from baseline to final follow-up three years later), students who participated in the School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project (SHAHRP) program had a 10% greater alcohol-related knowledge, consumed 20% less alcohol, experienced 33% less...

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