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Loyalty And War Essay

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Loyalty & War
War is a battle not only between people but also between the ideas and reasons they carry with them like a flag.. The Civil War is a perfect example of this a war among people who might have, before the war, shared the same ideas or princples and called each other friend, neighbor, cousin, uncle, or even brother. Now because of a war against oppression and to preserve a country they called the other tyrants or traitors each believing that they had a cause worth dying for and that they would stay true to it until they saw it through. The affects the war had on the people in the war is another reason that makes their cause and how they stuck with it till the end even more ...view middle of the document...

" and many others would argue that they fought solely for the right to keep slaves but I believe more fought for an idea they held close to their basic principles and for the ideas that the soldiers in the Revolutionary War.
The North fought to preserve an nation that their ancestors fought and died to create. These soldiers felt a sense of obligation to keep a country together that was created through so much struggle they were loyal to a country that they loved so much they would put their lives on the line to keep the union together. The war had affected soldiers on both sides who felt loyal to their cause and it had most had gone voulantarily leaving behind their families for their cause. One soldier could have written horrible stories about the war and how much he hated it and instead wished to be with his family but instead he writes about how great of an honor it is to serve and even die in this war "And I am willing-perfectly willing-to lay down all my joys in this life, to help maintain this government"(498) this proves that how many people were happy to die for their beliefs. The war was fought by people like this on both sides and they may have thought the other something that needed to put down when in reality they were more alike then they could have possibly known.
War can also break a persons spirit and any motivation that they might have had before, this is most often the losing side of a war when they can see defeat right around the corner. The South was the loser of the war and as the loser the spirit of the men in the war must have been crushed to the point where they felt no reason to fight further....

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