Loyalty In "The Count Of Monte Cristo" By Alexander Dumas. This Essay Is About The Loyal And Unloyal People In The Story.

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Loyalty in The Count of Monte CristoIn the world of Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo self-sacrificing loyalty is the greatest attribute of the "good" characters. Conversely, the most despicable disloyalty is the chief characteristic of the "villains" like Danglars and Fernand. The "good" characters take risks to help Dantés when he is in trouble, as in the case of Morrel the ship-owner, or when they believe that he is in trouble, as in the case of Jacopo the fellow smuggler. Other loyal characters include Coclès, the one-eyed cashier; Emmanuel Herbaut, an employee of Morrel; Penelon, the old sailor; and Maximilien, the son of Morrel. The Italian priest, Abbé Faria, rewards Dantès' loyalty to him by telling him the location of the Spada's treasure and Dantès uses this treasure to reward the "good." The characters who switch their loyalties to the winning side are the "villains" and this category includes: Villefort, the public prosecutor, Danglars, the purser turned rich banker; Fernand, the lowly fisherman turned prestigious retired army captain; Caderousse, the tailor/smuggler/innkeeper; and Benedetto, the criminal. With the aid of his fortune and new identity Edmond Dantès, now known as the Count of Monte Cristo, punishes those who are disloyal by taking away what they prize most.The actions of the loyal in this novel are all done with little or no regard for the doers own wellbeing or happiness. When Dantès is imprisoned on false charges of being a Bonapartist, Monsieur Morrel, who is Dantès' employer, repeatedly attempts to clear his name and risks imprisonment himself on suspicions of being a Bonapartist. When Dantès pretends to have serious injuries on the Isle of Monte Cristo, Jacopo, the smuggler who saves Dantès when he pulls him up into the boat by his hair, decides to stay behind and care for Dantès even though that means that Jacopo will lose his share of the profits from the smuggling done voyage. Jacopo did not stay behind only because Dantès is adamant that no one stays with him. Coclès, the one-eyed cashier, stays on as an employee of Morrel and Son even though he is not being paid. He does this not because he has nowhere to go but because he has been in the employ of Morrel and Son for twenty years; he does not see why he should leave their employ just because he isn't getting paid. Penelon wants to stay on as a sailor in Morrel's employ even if he won't be paid but Morrel insisted on discharging them because he does not need their services anymore and he couldn't afford to pay them. Emmanuel Herbaut is also another employee of Morrel and Son who decides to keep working there because he loves Monsieur Morrel's daughter, Julie, and he wants to marry her one day even though his parents expressly tells him to resign from the firm. Maximilien, a lieutenant in the French army, is loyal to the Count of Monte Cristo and is willing to be the Count's...

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2240 words - 9 pages also shows who exactly hid the treasure there. Another literary device shows itself in the form of dramatic irony. This occurs in chapter IV. This is important to the story because it is when Dantés is about to be married to Mercédès. It is when he is accused of being a Bonapartist by Danglars and Fernand, A fifth device is an allusion that presents itself in chapter XXXVI. In this phrase, Monte Cristo is making an allusion to an ancient Persian

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537 words - 2 pages The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, is a captivating tale of adventure and vengeance set in Europe in the early 19th century. Edmond Dantes, a 19- year-old sailor, has a promising future. He's about to be married, and everything seems fine... until a favor he had done for his deceased captain lands him in the infamous political jail Chateau d'If. There, Dantes meets and befriends an old priest. Dantes soon learns that the priest is

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698 words - 3 pages longer say 'God is for and with me.'" Set in France during the turmoil of the Napoleonic Era, The Count of Monte Cristo is an intricate tale of obsession and revenge. Alexander Dumas uses brilliant language and spell binding characters in order to weave the plot together to form a masterpiece. Falsely accused of treason, Edmond Dantes, a young sailor with a promising future,is arrested on his wedding day and imprisoned on the island fortress of

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1451 words - 6 pages We are always told to never judge a book by its cover because we never know what is truthfully inside those pages and what excitement is held within. Whether the rising action be slow or quick, the climax must always be the same; exciting, heartwrenching, or suspenseful. There were many climaxes in Alexandre Dumas’s book The Count of Monte Cristo that could cause the reader to feel intimately with the characters and feed our hunger of

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1565 words - 7 pages In The Count of Monte Cristo, Dantès goes from a happy, successful sailor to a dark vengeance seeking man. Though Dantès is advised many times not to seek out vengeance by his close friends like the Abbé, his emotions get the best of him and he attempts to carry out his wicked plan. Throughout the whole Bible, God instructs us to not repay evil with evil, and to leave revenge to him. Furthermore, in this story itself, Dumas drops hints about

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1352 words - 5 pages The Count of Monte Cristoby: Alexandre DumasTheme: RevengeJoshua BanMrs. Haynes01/10/14The novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" is a classic work of literature that was written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844, about a young man, wrongly thrown in jail by his jealous "friends," and breaks out and uses a hidden treasure map to take his revenge. This essay is going to discuss the relevant aspects in the story concerning the authors life and the events of

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1714 words - 7 pages child. Everyone in between will likely be moved by some aspect of the film. While the plot is exciting enough on its own, the awe-inspiring scenery, flavorful language, and superb acting are what turn this classic story into a truly enthralling and passionate film. The most recent adaptation of Alexander Dumas’s classic novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, was directed by Kevin Reynolds and released in 2002. The story takes place in the 1820’s when

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1434 words - 6 pages ten years of being your husband,Mercedes, and to lose that hope, which was the only stay of my existence(24)"!This quote identifies Fernand's want for Mercedes love, which he desires to beprosperous in. He states that he would like to marry Mercedes and has dreamt of doing sofor the last ten years. Fernand's desperation is also portrayed within this quote by himsaying that his life is immaterial and that she is the only reason for his existence

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1194 words - 5 pages equally as they did wrong, there is justice. However, this revenge sometimes goes to far and is consequently not justice. This notion of Revenge and justice is often in literature, one of the better-known being the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas. However, literature is not the only time that revenge and justice is discussed in. Works and Rules and real-life events that took place like the Bible, Hammurabi’s code, Twelve

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592 words - 2 pages main character of the book, was stripped of his innocence by 3 conspirators, which he had called friends, and was sent off to Chateau d'If, an infamous jail in which the worst criminals go. He miraculously escaped, became wealthy, and sought vengeance against these 3 men who had taken his youth and innocence and turned it into something horrible... the Count of Monte Cristo, the sly, vindictive, mysteriously wealthy character which everyone is

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1436 words - 6 pages /she so desired to be a part of. In The Count of Monte Cristo, the protagonist, Edmund Dantes, seems to have the perfect life. He is about to become the captain of a ship, he is engaged to a beautiful and kind woman, and he is well-liked byalmost everyone who knows him. This perfect life, however, stirs up dangerous jealousy among some of his so-called friends. These friends betray him, send him to prison for ten years, and steal his fiancée

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