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Loyola University School Of Education Graduate School Entrance Essay

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Graduate Student Personal Statement for Loyola University
I truly hope that you will take my application into consideration for the Loyola University Maryland School of Education. Teaching and education is a passion of mine and I feel that this graduate program will help me hone my skills to become a well-rounded and effective educator. I bring to the table experience in academic research and applied experience as an employee of the Harford County Public Schools.
Just this month, I graduated from Washington College with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies. During my time attending this institution, I was involved in an extensive academic research project. As a graduation ...view middle of the document...

My research analyzed how this occurred and how a dynamic set of factors influenced the handling of the issue.
In my community, I am an active volunteer with the Historical Society of Cecil County. At the historical society, I volunteer in the research library, assist with events, and maintain the organization’s social media pages. Since I started with the organization nine years ago, I have aided in expanding the society’s collection of school yearbooks, and have helped many researchers answer research inquiries. When it comes to events, I most recently assisted with the Pan Am Flight 214 Remembrance program. During the event, which expanded over the weekend of December 6th-8th, I aided with interviewing family members of victims for an oral history archives, videotaped events, and helped to spread the word about what we were doing on social media sites. Since the completion of my thesis for Washington College, I have been asked to create a webpage for the Historical Society of Cecil County which documents the history of the once segregated African-American schools in the county.
Professionally, I have been employed by Harford County Public Schools for three years. Two-and-a-half of these years were spent as a substitute teacher, and since the beginning of this school year, I have been employed as an AVID Tutor at Havre de Grace High School and as a substitute for the John Archer School, the county’s program for severely handicapped special education students. Having spent time working in a school system, I have been exposed to working with students of every socioeconomic level—from suburban, to rural, to low income. From this experience, I feel more comfortable, and more confident in my ability to teach students of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
It is my hope to eventually gain my teaching certification from the Loyola University Maryland School of Education. I would like to teach secondary social studies and special education/transition services. As a teacher, I want to share my enthusiasm for history and the...

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