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The Lord's Resistance Army has been terrorizing African Nations for a couple of years. As stated by the South Sudan News Agency, the LRA's objective is to obtain new recruits for to their extensive army. The LRA infiltrate local villages , and kidnap every child they perceive. This army, led by Joseph Kony, train the abductees and make them killers. Child soldiers have become a conflict .

A recent LRA attack in South Sudan occurred at night.The majority of the villagers were asleep, according to citizens.The village attacked is, in general, very calm because attacks in the region are almost unheard of in comparison to Uganda.The LRA surprised the hamlet with their guns and impersonation ...view middle of the document...

As stated by the UN, the LRA, along with other rebel groups, recruit child soldiers on regular basis.These children are then trained to fight, with constant beatings and roads in between. "We went from children who were afraid of gunshots to now children who were gunshots," says Beah, who was separated from his family at just 12 years old when his town was attacked.As stated by a former child soldier, Norman Okello, the children are brainwashed so they lose hope in escaping. They become aggressive killers who fuel their violence with rage. Another ex-soldier named Grace Olara said, "At the beginning I was a little fearful, but then it just became normal... I have no idea how many people I might have killed." These fugitives of the LRA all were under the command of one person: Joseph Kony.

Kony is the Ugandan leader of The Lord's Resistance Army who has terrorized many African nations, including Uganda and South Sudan. This man is in control of one of the largest child soldiers army in the world. The International Criminal Court indicted Kony with 12 counts of crime against humanity and 21 counts of war crimes. However, he...

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