Lucid Dreaming As A Therapeudic Tool?

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The Flawed Belief of The American "Dream"The pursuit of complete "Happiness" and bliss is what The American Dream is made up of. A definite classification of the American Dream does not exist; anything that brings joy to an individual. Joy differs from one person to another due to individual preferences. Different backgrounds, childhood, environment, age, gender, and a countless number of other factors also have an effect on one's perception of The American Dream. For instance, a boyfriend-seeking seventeen year old female has different ambitions than a middle-aged man during his midlife crisis. Generally, the common American citizen has the improbable view of having wealth, a well paying job, a house with a white picket fence, and to remain youthful.Since the settlement of the United States, people have based their lives upon reaching this pipedream fantasy. In Miller's The Crucible, the Puritan society was the first to embrace The American Dream. They journeyed to the new world during the 1600's to be break away from England's religious persecution; to pursue their own personal freedom. Even within this utopian society, an equal opportunity for each person was nonexistent. After being alienated by the government of England, they alienated themselves by pointing fingers at each other and yelling "Witch!" John Proctor, the protagonist, is condemned for speaking out against the Puritan leaders; being an individual got John Procter killed. The parallelism to "Guilty By Suspicion" also reveals that The American Dream is a fairy tale. David Merrill's membership with the Communist Party during The Great Depression led him to find himself testifying in front of The House of Un-American Activities and to be blacklisted as a throughout the country. Harassment by the government leaves him unable to work on Broadway, with advertising agencies, or even in a small film repair shop. The McCarty witch hunt destroyed Merrill's career, family, and friends.Jonathan Kozol's "Savage Inequalities" brings up prejudice as a deterrent for The American Dream. In his essay, he compares New York elementary schools with another by demonstrating how minority children living in big cities attending PS. 79 get little funding from the state while suburban schools within town of Riverdale receive state grants allowing them to purchase computers and other additional teaching supplies. The demographics reveal that PS. 79 is 20% black and 70% Hispanic while at Riverdale the majority of the population is either Caucasian or Asian. "In a large sunny first grade classroom that I enter next, I see 23 children, all of whom are white or Asian...There is a computer in each class. Every classroom is fitted with a sing" (Kozol 121), while the other city children are "In a class with walls are bare of words or decorations. There seems to be no ventilation system, or, if one exists, it isn't working" (Kozol 116). The movie "Cheaters" also displays how class struggles can thwart the idea of...

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