Lucid Dreaming: The Act Of Being Awake And Aware In Your Dreams

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Although lucid dreaming was originally a way to explain the nature of the eyes with which we see in dreams, it came to be known as the psychological approach to dreams which one may experience during the REM stage of sleep. As early as the 8th century, Tibetan Buddhists practiced yoga to maintain full consciousness in dream state, better known as lucid dreaming. In the last couple of decades, experiments have been done to prove that lucid dreaming exists. Scientists have found a correlation between the content and frequency of the experimental subject exists. Lucid dreams are dreams in where one is aware that they are dreaming, and lucid dreamers can employ some amount of participation and control over their dream.
Lucid dreaming provides the opportunity for unique and compelling adventures rarely surpassed elsewhere in life. They have potential for promoting personal growth and self development, enhancing self confidence, improving mental and physical health, facilitating creative problem-solving, and helping one progress on the path to self-mastery. The suggestion that lucid dreaming could improve one’s quality of life applies to both daytime and nighttime experiences. During these dreams, we remain fully conscious of the fact that we are dreaming, thus in a sense, we are both “awake and “asleep”. Lucid dreaming also helps promote more flexible and creative responses to unexpected situations, and people who lucid dream will most likely be more motivated to try out new behaviors leading to psychological growth and positive changes in their waking lives.
Despite the fact that lucid dreamers are in their dreams, they are not altogether of it. This allows one to confront face-on otherwise fearful nightmares and anxieties, allowing one resolve inner conflicts, furthering their psychological development and inner harmony. Lucid dreams most commonly occur during the rapid eye movement or REM stage, also known as paradoxical sleep. We can use these dream experiences to change ourselves. It is also worthwhile to try lucid dreaming if you have a desire to go further in life.
As I already stated, lucid dreaming has been a practice for a very long time. The first written account of experiencing it was discovered in a 4th century B.C. letter written by St.Augustine. While arguing for the possibility of having experiences after death, when one no longer had any functional physical senses, he discovered lucid dreaming. He was studying a dream of Gennadius’s, a physician, St.Augustine inquired that Gennadius had become conscious while dreaming, and interpreted that dreaming of seeing something implied that the something was no mere image, but an object existing somewhere outside the dreamer. There is also a tenth century tantric text that alludes to methods or lucid dreaming, and a twelfth century report that states that a person must control his or her thoughts in a dream.
There have also been many skeptics throughout history. Maury once said” these...

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