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Lucid Dreams. What Are The Possible Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming?

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Starting from the ancient times human was always interested in strange phenomenon of sleeping and especially in dreams. Dreams were described in different ways. For instance, dreams were explained psychologically like images of sub consciousness and feedback of neural processes in human’s brain. Spiritually, it was described like messages of god (C.S. Lewis, nd). Remarkable that not only human have ability to see dreams but several species of animals (Wilkerson R. 2003). For example, rat’s sleep is almost same as the human’s they have multiple stages of sleep starting from slow wave sleep to REM stage of sleep (Animals have complex dreams, 2001). Another fact is that living beings, including humans, have more REM sleep in younger age (Siegel, 2005). In summary, dreams are well known for strange, amazing and impossible thing to happen in them, but almost all people don’t actually realize that they are sleeping during the dream. To conclude, dream itself could be defined as the complexity of images and emotions that occur during certain stages of sleep ("Dream". The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000). It is proved that dreams are linked with rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep which occur every 1.5-2 hours of sleeping and with time progress they become longer. The REM stage usually includes rapid eye movement, heavier breath, increased pulse rate and temporary weakening of muscles (Dream Basics: Understanding Sleep, 2007). It seems that dream can happen not only in REM stages of sleep, but it’s easier to remember a dream by awaking during the REM stage (Dement 1957; Kleitman 1957; Hobson 2009). It is noticed that if the person lives with emotionally rich life and his hormonal system works intensively and variously after rough day, dreams may not occur. However, if human life is monotonous dreams are more likely to happen. Thus, dreams can be explained as a psycho physiological protection measure hitch of endocrinological systems, compensating development of the same substances at daily ability to live. Erotic dreams during the age of sexual maturation can be used as an example of such feedback.
But in some cases dreamers suddenly realize that they are asleep, usually because in dream they experience something to such extent bizarre and strange so they become aware that they are dreaming, so they get an opportunity to manipulate the content of dream. That type of dream is called “Lucid Dreams”.
Lucid Dreams
Lucid dream can be defined as a dream state, in which person for some reasons knows that he is dreaming. This definition firstly was given by Frederik van Eeden who used term ‘’lucid’’ in order to explain mental clarity during such type of dreams (Fredrik van Eeden, 1913).
In common cases lucidity happens in the REM stages when the dreamer suddenly realizes that the activity occurs not in a reality but in a dream. Typically the reason of this is experiencing very odd and impossible...

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