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Lucifer A Hero Essay

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Satan is very much the chief character of this epic. This is shown by the fact that during the whole of this story, the happenings through the pages are following Satan’s fall from godliness, and ultimately he accomplishes his goal of corrupting mankind.
By far the most fascinating aspect of this great work by Milton is the way in which he pulls the angels out of time so as to give them a spiritual journey of a sort. The fact that one can now see Lucifer as a main character, unchained from the lack of time and place, who is now allowed to show an amount of character development that any story of this magnitude would inherently require. Angels have always been much of an enigma, and the ...view middle of the document...

His intellect is astounding, and his ability to practice the art of rhetoric is quite strong. Through the course of the story, he slowly looses his ability reason and convince, but nonetheless he still had a great mind for thinking. Satan’s fall, in many ways, can sometimes remind a person of his or her own moral struggles. This is because all sin has the same root, and that is pride. Especially in extreme cases, the resemblances between some of Satan’s actions and that of a human’s could be quite shocking. A human’s ability to forget his creator, or especially ignore Him, is merely a shadow of the Devil’s actions.
Satan’s spiritual journey if you will, has a very simple path, but not so simple in it’s understanding. In the fist book of Paradise Lost, Satan persuades all the other devils that came down with him to agree to his plan of fighting against heaven. When his plan fails, instead of repenting, he again convinces himself that what he feels inside is reason to do greater evil. This culminates in his greatest act of evil to mankind, the temptation of Eve in the garden. As Satan goes to earth, he states that earth is yet grander than heaven, and that he plans...

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