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Lucky Book Report

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Many people experience events that will change their lives forever. These events may be for the better, or perhaps for the worst. Either way, life will most likely never be the same. It is, on the other hand, the way one reacts to these events that is most important. In the novel Lucky by Alice Sebold, the author experiences a life changing event. Alice was 18 years old at the time she got brutally assaulted and raped in a tunnel near by her dorm at Syracuse University. Throughout the rest of the novel, Sebold explains the affects of rape, violence and drugs had on her life and ones around her."Despite the author's dark subject matter, Sebold's wit is as powerful as her searing candor" (Editors Review). Alice Sebold coped with this tragic event as any other woman would have. Right after the rape, she felt very filthy and felt like she needed to take a shower to try to wash off her attacker. After being raped, women tend to be very quite and scared around people. When ever someone takes a glance at Sebold, she feels like they dislike her because she has been raped. Sebold feels as if she can't have a normal conversation with anyone without feeling as if she's being judged of her rape. Women also tend to feel threatened and terrified if they ever happen to be in another sexual moment. For example, after going out for a few drinks, Sebold ends up sleeping with a man she met. During the intimate moment, Sebold had to continually remind her self that this man was not her attacker and didn't want to hurt her. In a way, Sebold used this encounter as an attempt to reassure her self that she is able to live a normal life even after being raped. She even goes as far as pretending nothing is wrong and acts as if nothing has happened to her to try and retain the normalcy that once was her life. She tries to act like the "old funny Alice" her family remembers by making jokes at the dinner table and telling everyone she is fine. During an interview, Sebold talks about her father's response as a result of her reaction to the brutal rape. "It shocked him, she says. But it made him realize that, despite what had happened to her, 'I was still the sarcastic kid who talked bodies, and that was not going to change" (Sebold 240).She realizes that no matter how hard she tries to pretend that her life is fine, she's still suffering. By doing this she is not addressing the problem or dealing with the rape and its effects on her emotional/ mental state and her life. It takes reading an excerpt from a book to get her to realize this. She confesses in an interview, "I was failing miserably in New York, I'd written two novels that weren't published. And I realized I was quoted in the 'trauma' section of the book, but not in 'recovery'." After reading this Alice tries to find way to cope with her rape. The following three examples are consistent with the ways most women commonly chose to deal with traumatic events in their lives: through others experiences, drugs, and...

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