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Lucy And My Dad Essay

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Seeing it turn up in the most random of places gave me a surge of emotions, not only to find this precious work, but also to find the story it had with it. The culmination of my relationship with Lucy had been encompassed in this one drawing, and I had locked them away when I put away this painting. Finding it so unexpectedly was like opening the floodgates of my inner subconscious. I quickly paid for it, and traced the lines we drew together with my finger. I tried to match up the sunset in the drawing with the one I was experiencing, but it was not late enough, and the sun was not at the right angle. In addition the small dot I had saw on the horizon had grown to a full sized ferry, and ...view middle of the document...

Here was Lucy with a joyous skip to her step in the corner of England, Norfolk. I was dazzled in the moment, unable to do anything but raise my arms to accept the hug she gave me. I peeled back after what felt like thirty seconds, but when I am with Lucy it was probably more like five minutes. I did not let go, but I was simply holding her in my arms like I used to, and we looked at each other. I did not know what to say, nor did I want to mention how my mother had stopped what we had built up in such a harsh and decisive way. Luckily I sensed a reciprocal feeling coming from Lucy, and we just enjoyed one another's presence. As she rested her head on my shoulder, I thought about how technically I still upheld the prohibition my mother had declared because we remained in silence. It also brought to light the power that silence had on the both of us. During the time in middle school, we experienced joy through one another’s voice, and now that we were together again we learned to enjoy one another’s company without verbal expression. A Nicholas Sparks quote floated into my mind, “silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking.” I thought about the absence of speech, and how amazing it just felt to be with Lucy again, as I also rested my head on her shoulder.
Although Lucy meant so much to me and was clearly very happy to also see me, my heart was not content and the yearning was still existent. She had somewhere to be, I am not sure where, but I could sense that she could not stay permanently. However, these few minutes we got to spend together would mean just as much as the years we past with one another. We were able to have a formal good-bye, one that we are sure we are not able ever to have again, but this time I knew for sure that she heard me. I finally released her from my everlasting embrace and looked deep into the iris of her eyes, so deep that I could see all the moments we shared playing back, leading up to the day before we abruptly ended our relationship. The final seconds of my half-hearted farewell slowed down and dragged on; every day I wish that moment could last forever. Back then, I had said “goodbye Lucy” in a natural and swift way, almost brushing her off and not looking at her. Now staring directly at her, getting the two words out of my mouth seemed impossible. I knew I had to let them go in order to have closure in this situation and break the bonds my mother had set upon me, something I had been searching for since the day we parted. Holding back the tears which I knew would soon follow, I exhaled and relieved my long carried burden by saying “I will always love you, goodbye Lucy.” As she leaned in for a kiss, I tried to take note of as many details as I could, and I shut my eyes trying to elongate this moment for as long as I could. Even though I could feel her lips move away and her presence leaving me, I kept my eyes closed just...

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