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Ludwig Van Beethoven's Life And Achievements

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Ludwig van Beethoven was an extraordinary music composer, especially considering he was deaf most of his life and career. He was born in Germany on December 16, 1770. Many obstacles were hurled at him, but he triumphed over them, and even deafness didn’t stop him from composing some of the worlds greatest, and most recognized music compositions (Rosenwald 167). His life, music, and his musical styles and techniques all contribute to his life story.
Beethoven was born in Bonn Germany. At 14, he held the occupation of a court organist. Sadly, his father was a drunken singer, and barely supported his family. Consequently, the money Beethoven earned assisted his family. In 1778, he traveled to Vienna and met Wolfgang A. Mozart who instantly acknowledged his brilliance. However, on account of his mother’s illness, he returned to his home town, and had to support his brothers after her death. He gave music lessons in Bonn, in addition to playing the viola in the theater orchestra. Settling in Vienna in 1792, he studied with masters such as Joseph Haydn. He appeared as a pianist and gained great success. Tragically however, at age 28, Beethoven became conscious of his diminishing hearing. Soon, he had to give up concert work and devote his time composing, struggling at the same time against ill health, poverty, and growing deafness. By 1819, his deafness affected him so significantly, that he was able to communicate only by writing (Rosenwald 167).
However, in the isolation of deafness, Beethoven created some of the most distinguished works of music (Rosenwald 167). Beethoven admitted, “I would have ended my life-it was only my music that held me back.” With this victory over despair, there was an important change in his musical style (Kamien 150). For Beethoven, music was a moral force, a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, not a mere entertainment. He had a demand for perfection, and that meant long, hard work. Occasionally, he worked for years on a single symphony in addition to writing other compositions (Kamien 151). His...

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