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Luis Toledo Essay

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People disappear for several reasons; it could be to start a new life, it could be to hide from someone or it could be because someone doesn’t want you found. This paper is about the disappearance of Yessenia Suarez and her two children. Can the police determine if a crime was committed and by whom? This paper will describe the evidence and the timeline of events in the case.

The relationship between Luis Toledo and Yessenia Suarez was rocky; there had been incidences where Toledo brandished a knife and destroyed furniture (Fernandez, 2014). The day Suarez went missing coworkers reported an altercation between Toledo and Suarez, learning of an affair his wife was having ...view middle of the document...

A neighbor reported to police Toledo asked him to drive one of their cars to a Publix parking lot on the morning of the family’s disappearance. The neighbor said he witnessed Toledo wiping down the car and throwing out the trunk mat, boots and other items (Davis & Saenz, 2014). Toledo obviously did not plan all the details to this crime; involving the neighbor was a stupid thing to do for a couple of reasons: there is a witness and police can get the video from Publix and corroborate the neighbor’s statement. The police retrieved the items from the dumpster. The evidence against Toledo so far is DNA, hair and fibers, items in the dumpster. A report of the first responder saying he could smell Pine sol in the house.
The police have conducted numerous searches trying to locate the three bodies, but each search came up with nothing. They have searched landfills, woods and lakes. There has been an outpouring of volunteers to help search these areas. It has almost been 6 months since the disappearance of Suarez and her children, their bodies still have not been found.
Toledo tried to commit suicide by smashing a mirror and cutting himself; he was taken to the hospital to recover. He was sent back to jail. Toledo is charged with second degree...

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