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Luke Essay

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In William Shakespeare's famous play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar; Mark Antony is shown as a great warrior, much like which he is shown throughout history.
Born in Rome in the age of 83 B.C. Antony was born to an ineffective military commander and the grandson of a great consul; both of whom shared his given name. At first it did not seem that as young boy that Marcus would not grow up to be anything much more than a thief and a liar, as time went on more and more advantages came into his path. Marcus Antonius started his path to great skill and power when he was sent east as a cavalry officer where he first tasted the fear on the enemy’s breath as battle raged in many of his important victories in Palestine and Egypt.
As the year of 54 B.C. rolled around, young Antony was shipped to Gaul to join his mother’s cousin, the great Julius Ceasar, as a trusted staff officer. In 49 B.C. Mark was elected to the position of a tribune and served to protect Caesar as his defender against enemies of the Senate. As time rolled on Antony served as Caesar’s “second-in-command”, which later gave him the position to control the left wing at the Battle of Pharsalus. Merely a year after this great battle, Antony was kicked out of the Senate by Anti-Caesar radicals which fueled the fighting to begin yet another war, the Republican Civil War.
In 44 B.C. Caesar assumed his last stance in the council with Mark Antony at his side. On March 15th Caesar was killed; Mark Antony fled Rome dressed as a slave in fear of a conspiracy to take down all of the great Roman leaders. Later on that week Antony got ahold of Caesar’s will and all his personal papers and gave a great speech to all the Roman citizens to never stop loving their once great leader. Soon after reading Caesar’s will and giving his great speech, Mark Antony pursued Caesar’s assassins in Gaul while Caesar’s predecessor, Octavian Caesar (Augustus), was tearing apart Antony’s armies in southern Gaul. As the two masterminds of the killing of Caesar were preparing to attack Rome (Brutus and Cassius): Lepidus, Octavian, and Antony formed the Second Trimutive and defeated all who stood in their way at the Battle of Philippi in October of 42 B.C.
In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony is not only shown as a leader, but towards the end of the play his true nature as a warrior becomes more relevant as Lepidus, Octavian, himself prepare to battle against Brutus and Cassius in the hills of Gaul. As Octavian is arriving into the city, Antony rallies all the people of Rome around his cause to take down the horrid murders that killed their great Caesar. In Act III, Scene 2, Mark Antony gives his greatest speech of his lifetime to the Romans that starts “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears”(III.ii.1620), then goes on to state “The evil that men do lives after them, the noble Brutus hath told you that Caesar was ambitious. Brutus is an honorable man but hath said Caesar was...

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