Luke Gatti Mac & Cheese Social Issues Essay

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First Year Seminar INTD-101
Investigative Reflection Assignment

In October 2015 a 19 year old student at the University of Connecticut was public

shamed over a incident that occurred in the cafeteria of his school. Luke Vincent Gatti, of

Bayville, New York. One night at the college Luke was attending a dinning service at UCON

University. Luke was in trouble with the law at his previous college UMass Amherst where he

had several brushes with the law. One night in October 2015 Mr. Gatti entered the dining facility

with a beer in his hand and already was intoxicated demanding for food from the dining facility.

Luke Gatti was underage and intoxicated at the time that this all went down.Luke Gatti was a

victim of public shaming.

Mr.Gatti entered the dining facility one night after drinking and demanded that he was to

be severed his favorite bacon, jalapeño, mac and cheese. The restaurant managers at the dining

hall refused to serve him is favorite meal after he entered the dining facility intoxicated and

holding a beer in his hand. Mr.Gatti demanded multiple times screaming and yelling that all he

wanted was his favorite mac and cheese. Luke Gatti was then told by the mangers that he needed

to exit after he began yelling both homophobic and cruel words at the dinning manger that was

working at the time.

The Food service manger demanded that Luke must leave after he called the staff both

homophobic and derogatory terms. Luke continued to stand in the cafeteria with a beer in his

hand. On lookers in the cafeteria all began to take out their phones and recorded the altercation

between the men. The onlookers recorded the entire video of him fighting with the dinning staff

and uploaded the nine minute video and posted it all over social media. This post received so

many views that the video basically overnight went viral. Luke was abusive and began to hit and

push the manager on staff. Luke Gatti was eventual subdued on the floor by the two male on staff

during that time and kept him pinned to the floor until police arrived and escorted him out of the

dinning facility.

Luke Gatti was a victim of public shamming at the time of this incident Luke Gatti was

extremely intoxicated and was not able to comprehend that what he was doing and that what he

was doing was going to cause him serious repercussions. Mr. Gatti was forced into public

shaming by a post that was shared by many people and it went viral. Mr. Gatti was arrested by

the Connecticut police department and was arrested and put on parole for committing the crime

in 2015. Luke’s video was posted all over social media and within hours he was forced into the

eye of the pubic for...

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