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Lumen Gentium Essay

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Lumen Gentium
God cares for all people. To him, it does not matter if you are one of much faith or one of doubt. He welcomes those who are in fear to find the light of his grace. This all started with his covenant with the people of Israel to let them know his love for them. He wanted to make sure they could be in fear but no shy away from his love. Through this we find how much God really does love us. He compares us a lot to a small flock. As much as he tries to herd us there are some that cannot find their way back to Him.
They can find him though because they seek truth and goodness which keeps them apart of the Chosen People of God. When the covenant of first established of course there were people who were confused and that did not agree with it. Many questioned the covenant because of doubt. This is why people decided we must have faith and works to be in a covenant with God. Martin Luther was the first to bring about the idea of having just faith and no works. But it was decided you need both.
There are some in this world that have the occupations of priests, prophets, and kings. Other like us are called to act as priests, prophets, and kings. We do this by becoming them in our everyday lives. Simply doing service, telling people about the faith and God to lead them to his light. Sacraments are also a big part of being in the grace of God. We must receive sacraments in the name of God and share them in God’s name to all. We are called to serve others as Jesus did and be faithful; to God and the Church.
This sacred council wants to turn their attention first to the catholic faithful. It is based upon sacred scripture and tradition, it teaches the church what is necessary for salvation and being with God in heaven. Christ is present to us in the church the church is the main way to salvation. There are also some different things that are necessary for salvation, things like baptism and actually being a part of the church and participating and giving to the church when you can, baptism is like a doorway to enter and to be a part of the church. There when people become more mature they might refuse being a part of the church and they might consider themselves to no longer be Christian and no longer have the chance for salvation. People can become fully incorporated in the society of the church possessing the spirit of Christ in them and they will receive a chance for salvation. The bonds that bind people with God and the church are their profession of faith, the sacraments, and ecclesiastical government and communion. These things are examples of things that according to the church are necessary for salvation some people might agree on these things and other people might not. People can still have a chance for salvation even though they have sinned it is penance but you have to change in many ways and prove to god that you are a faithful Christian and you are no longer leading a life of sin.
Those who have not yet received the...

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