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Cancer Today it seems that their is nothing that won't give you cancer and nothing that cant help save you from it. Almost everyday we find a new way to protect ourselves from it either by modifying are diet to include or disclude something or by changing the products and materials that we use day to day. It seems that every time a new bit of information comes out in the fight to find a cure; a new cancer causing item is found. In the following pages I will discuss what cancer is, where is comes from, a specific kind of cancer and what can be done to treat it.In the minds of many cancer is a death sentence but with technology and research that is no longer always the case.What is Cancer? Cancer is when abnormal cells in an organ start growing and increasing in an uncontrolled manner. Because the cells are dividing at a rate excess of normal division the cells form a tumour. The crowded cells fail to stop dividing until they push everything out of place. If the tumour is benign it will enlarge only at the site where it began. However cancerous tumours can invade and destroy. One of the reasons that cancer needs to be caught early is because it will spread. Cancerous cells lack the sticky coating that causes normal healthy cells to stay together because cancerous cells lack it they can break off and implant somewhere else in the body. The cancerous cells that break off from the primary tumour are usually carried through the blood. What causes cancer cells to be abnormal? They create extra chromosomes and more DNA then normal cells do.Lung Cancer What usually happens with lung cancer is that the cilia in your throat that usually help keep chemicals and other harmful particles out are destroyed sometimes by smoking or if you work around certain chemicals. What happens is that harmful chemicals get into your lungs and stays their. Over time they can alter the nature of the cells. Once these chemicals or particals are in your lungs your only cleansing mechanism is coughing, which is why smokers tend to cough more and why when very severe it is often one of the signs that Doctors look for when diagnosing a patient. Often when the cilia are dead the mucus in your throat will thicken. Their are two different types of lung cancer: Small cell and Non-small cell.Small Cell Small cell cancer accounts for 15%-20% of all lung cancer.Their are three types of small cell: Oat cell, intermediate and mixed. It has been speculated that oat and intermediate could be the same. Small cell cancer comes from neuroendocrine cells and spreads by lymphatic vessels to the lymph nodes in the centre of the lung (lymph nodes are small structures found throughout the body. They store and produce infection fighting cells). Simply this translates into cancerous cells are found in the tissues of the lungs. It then spreads throughout the chest to the neck and further up. This kind of lung cancer is usually caused by smoking. The problem with Small...

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1679 words - 7 pages Most people know basically what cancer is. Many people know the different types of cancers there are. What a lot of people do not know is that every general type of cancer there is there are sub groups, more specific types of these cancers, (ex. Lung cancer) there are 3 types of lung cancer. The 3 types are: non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, and lung carcinoid tumor. We are going to focus on small cell lung cancer. What some of

Lung Cancer Essay

1655 words - 7 pages combined and a stage is assigned to each group. There are four different stages for the non-small cell lung cancer T stages. “Tis” is when cancer is found only in the lay of cells lining the air passages and not found anywhere else. “T1” is when the cancer is no larger than 3 centimeters. “T2” is when the cancer is no larger then 3 centimeters, it involves a main bronchus but is not closer then 2 centimeters to where the trachea branches off into

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1757 words - 7 pages Caldwell 6Lung CancerThe National Cancer Institute guessed that 219,440 lung cancer cases and 159,390 casualties would be present in the year 2009 (Price par.3). Lung cancer is an illness where cancer cells develop in the lungs. Cancer happens when cells in the body divide without control or order. If cells keep dividing uncontrollably, a mass of tissue forms. This is called a growth or tumor. The term "cancer" refers to malignant tumors. They

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995 words - 4 pages doctor every 2 to 3 years after treatment, and once or twice a year after that. At these visits the doctor will look for side effects from the treatment and check for reoccurance (return of cancer) or spread (metastisized) to another part of your body. Follow up tests may include blood tests, MRI, CT Scans, and endoscopy.Cancer it's self is a scary word. Knowing what to do right and wrong helps. Your detection, treatment ,and treatment after life is very importaint. There are many things out there to help people with lung cancer. Try to live everyday to the fullest, and never give up!

Discuss the different neoplasms which may arise in the lung. Discuss their staging and grading with regard to prognosis and treatment. Are there any promising new treatment modalities?

2142 words - 9 pages IntroductionThe impact of lung cancer in our society cannot be denied. According to "Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Australia and most other Western industrialized countries. One in 28 Australians will develop lung cancer by the age of 75, and about 6,700 Australians die from lung cancer each year". Lung cancer is one of the more difficult cancers to detect at its early stages and is one of the more difficult


4099 words - 16 pages many to talk about them all so the ones I have choose to in form people about are: Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, and skin cancer also known as melanoma. The first form of cancer I am going to talk about is Breast Cancer. This is one of the most common cancers found in women and also has caused almost the same amount of deaths in women as lung cancer. Breast cancer can also occur in men, but it rarely does. In the United States, about one out of

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641 words - 3 pages treatment fields to a patient. 2. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is also used by modifying the radiation beams by varying their intensity. This is a more specialized form of the 3D-CR treatment. 3. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) delivers small high doses of high radiation to a precise target within the body, and is usually considered for early stage lung cancer. 4. Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) is the most advanced

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1542 words - 6 pages INTRODUCTIONCancer is an ongoing problem in society. With not one exact cause there is no perfect prevention or cure. You are someone you know are more likely than you think to get cancer. In fact "1 in 3 people will develop cancer during their mainly occurs in the later years of life. Cancers can occur at any age, but the risk of developing cancer increases with age. Some cancers are very common and others are very rare

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3628 words - 15 pages . Sage Publications. (Vol.3, Issue 4, 333-341). Cooper, E.T. (1984). Pilot Study of the Effects of the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer on Family Relationships. Cancer Nursing. (Vol. 7, Issue 4, 301-308). Cronin, K. (2006). Primary Detection and Early Prevention. (1269-1280) Curtis, R. (2006). Malignancies Among Cancer Survivors. National Cancer Institute. No. NIH Publ. No.05-5302. Dores, G.M. (2000). Malignancies Among Cancer Survivors. Cancer

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1145 words - 5 pages to see doctors for questions. If thyroid cancer is detected early, the treatment plan is less intense and the cancer can be cured faster. Works Cited 1. American Cancer Society. "The Twenty-first Century and beyond." American Cancer Society: Information and Resources for Cancer: Breast, Colon, Prostate, Lung and Other Forms. 22 Mar. 2011. Web. 29 Mar. 2011.

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710 words - 3 pages when it comes to cancer prevention. Certain components on food are found to help in lowering the risk of cancer, such as antioxidants, phytochemicals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Physical activity may also reduced cancer risk by preventing obesity, reducing hormone levels and inflammation, and improving the immune system. Surviving cancer is a major accomplishment for every cancer survivor. This also give them a new priority in life, which is to

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1798 words - 7 pages has on an individual is defined by the severity of the cancerous symptoms and the treatment options chosen. Lung cancer not only affects the lives of the person diagnosed, it dramatically affects the family and others around the individual. Works Cited WAX, A. (2005-2012). Lung Cancer Health Center. Retrieved from - Nader, D. (n.d.). Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Retrieved from The Green Sanctuary. (2009). Retrieved from

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1363 words - 6 pages ), 351–56. Weinstein, N. D., Marcus, S. E., & Moser, R. P. (2005). Smokers' unrealistic optimism about their risk. Tobacco Control, 14(1), 55–59. Zang, E.A., & Wynder, E.L. (1996). Differences in lung cancer risk between men and women: Examination of the evidence. Journal of the National Cancer institute, 88 (3/4), 183-192.

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593 words - 2 pages .1 Smoking causes lung cancer; over 80% of lung cancers are attributable to smoking.2 The next section covers the etiology of lung cancer and looks at the role of smoking, other environmental factors and genetic influences.Smoking is the single biggest cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK. Lung cancer was extremely rare in the nineteenth century, even as late as 1912; Adler could find only 374 cases. 3 By the 1970s lung

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1447 words - 6 pages cancer is the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the lung. (5) There are two main types of lung cancer: non-small cell and small- cell lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer (or NSCLC) is more common than small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) and occurs in about 80% of all lung cancer cases. (3) Early lung cancer does not cause symptoms, so when the symptoms finally do show and the cancer is detected, it is already at an advanced stage. (1