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Lung Cancer: A Leading Cause Of Death Today

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Lung cancer is on of the leading causes of death today. Lung cancer is a type of neoplasm cancer and is given its name but the site of where the cancer is located. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine states, “ Most lung cancers develop in the cells that line the bronchi.” Lung cancer can take many years to develop and some have no idea that they even have it until it grows large enough to impede the function of the lungs. There are two different types of tumors the benign, which means that it does not spread and stops growing or the malignant where they grow and spread. The etiology of lung cancer comes from the neoplasm which means that has come about from new abnormal cell growth. Most types of neoplasms are solid masses that form but can also not for solid masses such as in leukemia. William and Spackman Occupational Therapy states “ neoplasms invade surrounding cell, disrupting the function of the cells. There are many causes that make lung cancer come about the highest of which is cigarette and smoking tobacco that has been shown to cause 87% of all lung cancers today. Also second-hand smoke develops later on for individuals that do not smoke. There are a variety of ways that individuals can get lung cancer like hazardous materials from places of employment such as coal or asbestos. Even with in the air quality such as increased pollution.
According to The National Cancer Institute states that there are approximately 200,000 people every year with in the United States that will develop lung cancer. There are just the new cases that are seen. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths today with an estimated 160,000 deaths each year. The ratios of individuals with lung cancer within the population of men are 121.7 per 100,000 and in women at 79:100,000(Lung Cancer Home Page. n.d.).
Signs and symptoms of lung cancer some of the most common signs of the onset of lung cancer are, a persistent cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, weight loss and chest pain and fever. But other signs of it are derived form the location of the tumor or cancerous cells. The book 100 Questions and Answers About Lung Cancer states that the laryngeal nerve can be impacted by the pressure cause by a tumor or a mass since the nerve runs from the brain down and back up through the chest cavity to the vocal cords. This is what can give the individuals the hoarseness to their vocals. Even the pressure placed on the esophagus can cause sever discomfort while swallowing. If the location is near the heart it can cause superior vena cava syndrome where there can be swelling in the arms, shoulders, and neck. With tumors that are near the chest wall it can cause not only issues with the heart but a pleural effusion. This is where fluid gets between the lungs and the chest wall and it is extremely painful.
Progression of the cancer goes through 4 stages but can also be classified with letter as well. T is the classification for tumor that is affected and N for the nodal...

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