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Lung Cancer; Beware Of Death Essay

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Some 150 years ago lung cancer was the odd disease. In 1878 its occurrence was seen as malignant tumors in Germany and it represented only 1% cases of its occurrence. By 1918 the percentage raised upto 10%, by 1927 it was greater than 14% and by 1930 it started spreading at higher retes and malignant lung tumors were observed increasing even after world war I. doctors also observed that lung cancer is not only invading males but its rapidly attacking the females also. This was the time when lung cancer was seen to be caused by chronic bronchitis.
Lung Cancer as chronic disease:
Chronic disease is term used for human health state which is continual or otherwise ongoing in its effects. Lung cancer is a chronic disease mainly characterized by abandoned growth of cell in tissues of lung. It usually occur as a malignant tumor in lungs where as in benign tumors it spreads to the cell lining the air passage and often it attacks the nearby cells and tissues of the body. Primary lung cancers are carcinomas of epithelial cells. Lung cancer is categorized as non small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) and small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC). NSCLC accounts for 80% of lung cancers. More people expire because of lung cancer as compared to prostate and colorectal cancer. The average age of people having lung cancer is 71 yrs.
Long term tobacco smoking is one of the most common cause which accouts for 80-90% cases of lung cancer. The link between smoking and lung cancer was initiated to be suspectd in 1930s. It is suggested that non smokers can also have a risk of developing lung cancer. Non smokers accounts for 10-15% of cases and these cases may point to genetic factors, asbestos (six naturallly ocurring silicate compounds), air pollution, radon gas, passive smoke. Lung cancer is classified into four stages. Stage I is characterize by presence of tumor in lung. Stage II is followed by extension of cancer to lymph node surrounding the infected lung. Stage III is associated with growth of cancer in...

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