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Lust And Learning Essay

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Hey guys!! Tbh I’m still working on the plot line to this story. Okay. Shout-outs to: Cherryberry998, roro213421, Fan-Girl-Lover, Ellie990, 8emmy,edwardcullen23, and dallysbear. I’m kind of annoyed right now so maybe I can channel my negatiove energy into a really awesome chapter. ^_^

The next few days for Soul were agonizing. He tapped his foot impatiently the whole time, anticipating the day to come. Maka stopped next to him and smirked. “Excited?” she asked. But before Soul could even try to come up with a witty retort, she walked away, leading a horde of kids in another direction. Soul sighed, cursing his inability to sit still or even wait patiently. He didn’t know why this date was so important to him until the answer smacked him in the face--it was his first date since his divorce. He’s been living in his highschool body since Liz moved away, staring at girls, some mild flirting--not even realizing that once he went on this date, he would be officially on the market again.
Soul didn’t expect anything to come from this date. He just figured that after it was over, he could relax again and feel like he was truly a single father. Not that that feeling was a good one or anything; he just wanted to feel like he could get a girl. Even one that he’s never met. Even one that read books in her spare time. Even one that knew every single fact about children that he’s thrown to the wind. Soul suddenly grew very nervous, and he remained nervous even after he laid his head down to sleep Friday night. His dreams were a flurry of nervousness, consuming his body and making his head throb from overuse. Eventually he got to sleep, and was only awoken by the faint sound of cartoons coming from the living room.
Mary...! he thought. He didn’t have a babysitter, and it was already Saturday. Who would take a babysitting job that was only mere hours away?! Soul panicked, pacing back and forth, trying to think up a name--any name--that belonged to a babysitter. Then it all clicked. He snatched the phone from its hinges and stabbed the numbers on it. The line rang four, five times until a loud, high-pitched voice answered.
“PATTY!” Soul shouted, his desperateness showing. “Uh...Patty, I need your help. Can you babysit tonight? I’m going on a date, and--”
“A DATE?! Oooh, who’s it with? Is she pretty? Does she have long hair?” patty giggled.
“Uh, yes! Her hair is beautiful. But seriously. Can you do it tonight? I need you. i swear,” he said, his hands shaking.
“Hmm...I dunno...I was planning on going to the movies tonight...”
“Patty, please! I’ll pay you double!”
Patty giggled, “Okay! See you at...?”
“Eight; no, seven. Be here by seven, alright? Don’t forget,” he said. Patty managed an “okay” before Soul slammed the phone back on the wall and pumped his fist in the air. He then sighed and looked to the mirror. He walked into the living room moments after he pulled on some pajama pants and found Mary...

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